The Smartphone Showdown

Glad you could join The Waves of Tech 186.  This week we are joined with two of our favorite people – Rick Limpert and John Hanlon.  We can’t quite remember the last time we had a panel of hosts to discuss a topic!  In this episode, John provides a solid review of the goods and bads of the Samsung Galaxy S4.  That review dovetails into a smartphone showdown where the hosts speak their minds about the superiority of Apple, Android, Windows Phone, or Blackberry.

Product Review: Samsung Galaxy S4

John is welcomed back to The Waves of Tech to provide yet another review.  John had the fortune of being sent a Galaxy S4 from Verizon.  So, what does he have to say?  Be sure to listen in as John describes the good battery life, the functionality and usability of the lock screen, and the customization options for the S4.  On the down side, the keyboard functions are nothing to brag about but is an easy fix.  Check out his written review over at reviews.

The Smartphone Showdown

To say the least, the battle for smartphone superiority is an endless battle.  Some users stick with a single carrier and single manufacturer for years on end.  Others like to play the smartphone field, switching phones and OS platforms from year to year and month to month.  In this breakout panel discussion, we each throw out the reasoning why we use what we use and throw a few jabs at the competing phones (and panelist) along the way.  What drives us to venture out and try new phones and OS platforms?  What are the goods and bads of each smartphone and how does that factor into the decision to stay or go?  We hope you enjoy the discussion as each co-host on this week’s episode of The Waves of Tech has a very differing opinion.


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