Smartphones Are Getting Smarter And Firefox OS

Thanks for tuning in and listening to Waves of Tech 172!  This week, we talk about all things smartphones.  Smartphones are getting… well smarter as the days pass by and some cool features on the horizon are worth talking about.  The mobile market is about to be introduced to a new OS – Firefox OS.  Mozilla is set to debut their OS this year in international markets.  Thanks for checking out the podcast!

Smartphones Getting Smarter
Much like the auto industry, the smartphone industry is starting to promote and design futuristic concept models.  Check out the link above for some cutting edge products.  On the other hand, smartphones are getting smarter as companies, OS designers, and manufacturers push the limits of smartphone evolution.  Consider the possibility of 3-D displays, biometric security authentications, complete wireless payment methods, and super intelligent agents (Siri, as an example).  We discuss what has the potential for success and what may fall flat in the smartphone space.

Mozilla Unveils Firefox OS
Mozilla unveiled their new operating system, Firefox OS, at Mobile World Congress recently.  The push by Mozilla into the smartphone industry is going to start in the international mobile communities, in such places as Spain, Hungary, Serbia, Brazil, and many others.  But, is there room for another OS in a industry dominated by iOS and Android.  One big element of an OS is the marketplace for apps.  Firefox has announced a variety of partnerships with the likes of Disney Mobile Games, EA Games, Facebook, Pulse News, Sound Cloud, and Twitter.


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