Space Station Sightings, Solar Eclipse and Smog-Filtering Bicycles

On Episode 365 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into a few space related topics along with air pollution technology and the power technology has on us all.  The International Space Station passes over several thousand worldwide locations on a regular basis without most of us no knowing.  We share how and when you can spot the spacecraft above you.  The total solar eclipse is scheduled for August 21st and we can’t imagine the amount of technology behind tracking the event around the world.  In China, scientists and a startup are manufacturing smog-filtering bicycles to clean the well documented poor air quality.  In closing, we share some personal stories as to how technology truly affects our daily lives.  Thanks for tuning in!  The Waves of Tech is powered by – Modern Issues. Modern Discussions.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

Podcast Awards

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  The Waves of Tech is a finalist in the Tech Category of the 12th Annual Podcast Awards.  We appreciate all the votes and continual support.  Head over to to find other great shows.  And congrats to our sister podcast, Busy Ladies, for becoming a finalist in the Society-Culture category.

International Space Station Sightings

Have you ever wanted to see the International Space Station from your front lawn?  If you didn’t know, you can.  Head over to, where you can map where the spacecraft is and where it may be sighted above your skies.

  • International Space Station pass overhead from several thousand worldwide locations
  • The 3rd brightest object in the sky, easy to spot if you know when to look up
  • It peaks over the horizon for a few minutes at a time, don’t be late
  • The ISS quickly moved through the skies, standing out brightly

Total Solar Eclipse

With more science on the brain, a total solar eclipse is happening on Monday, August 21st and we are here to share some tech behind it.  Based on your location, you may see an entire or partial eclipse – find a complete total eclipse map here.

  • A scientist built a program to show an entire map of the eclipse across the nation
  • Utilizing programs and technologies from five different agencies made it possible
  • NASA used 3D modeling programs and dimensions of the moon and sun
  • From Oregon to South Carolina, everyone will have a unique view of the eclipse

Smog-Filtering Bicycles

It is well documented that the air quality in China is less than desirable, with thousands of respiratory disease cases diagnosed on an annual basis.  A bike-sharing startup is trying to change that with one simple addition to a bike – an air purifier.

  • China boasts a bike riding community of 3 million daily users, 6.5 million overall
  • Air is collected during the ride, filtered and purified, then releases the air
  • The first prototype is set for release by end of year 2017
  • Perhaps this combined with other measures may soon end the age of air masks

How Technology Does Affect Life

Over the past few weeks, Steve has been through quite the adventure of technology, traveling, damage, and more.  Ever break your phone during a vacation?  Ever use your phone as a primary business contact?  Ever conduct the majority of personal business via your phone?  Yes, it’s all too familiar and even worse when you lose the one device that controls so much.  Steve shares his recent stories of how technology is truly changing, influencing, and affecting every moment and aspect of our lives.

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