SMS Messaging Turns 20 and Churches With Cell Towers

Welcome to Waves of Tech, Episode 162. Thanks for choosing the flagship show. Steve and Dave have a great show this week discussing the history and evolution of SMS messaging, the business partnership between churches and cell companies, and concluding with the recent investment in battery technology.

SMS messaging turns 20

SMS messaging turned 20 years old on Monday, a technology that revolutionized how humans interact and communicate. Who knew that a simple message sent from a PC to a mobile device in 1992 would change the way the cell industry is conducted? Text messaging dominates conversation now for millions of Americans, with nearly 8 trillion texts sent on an annual basis. If you are like Steve and Dave, family events, holiday dinners, and family getaways are planned via texting. What’s your take on the evolution of the SMS messaging industry?

Churches and Cell Companies Unite

With a seemingly increasing demand for Internet connectivity and access, cell companies are reaching out to an untraditional source for placing cell networks and towers – church bell towers and steeples. Churches are ideal locations for cell coverage because they are typically located in highly populated residential areas and fairly centralized. Cell companies are willing to shell-out plenty of money on an annual basis for such services, benefiting churches upwards of $35,000 to $100,000 per year.

Battery Science, R&D

The Department of Energy has taken more initiative in funding the battery industry and the science behind stored energy. With an influx of $120 million into the R&D of battery technology, the DOE is demonstrating commitment to the fields of chemistry, physics, and other sciences. With a focus on further developing lithium-ion technology, many companies will soon be experiencing and boost in research funds. How does this effect the mobile industry? Tune in and find out!


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