Paul Allen, SnapChat Originals And Big Tech Squabble For US Military Funding

On Episode 419 of The Waves of Tech, we are diving into some news and notes from the last week.  Paul Allen, founder of Microsoft, sadly passed away on Monday evening. A notable figure in the growth of software, home computing, and enterprise business, Allen altered the course of technological history.  Snapchat has produced a series of original programming aimed at targeting the young adult and youth using and not using their app. The three giant tech companies – Amazon, Google, and Microsoft – are in a battle of words as they compete for a USA military contract valued at around $10 billion.  At the center of controversy is the use of artificial intelligence in US military war drones. The Waves of Tech is powered by – Modern Issues. Modern Discussions.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

A Technological Pioneer Passes Away

News came late on Monday afternoon that Paul Allen, one of the founders of Microsoft and a true tech pioneer, passed away from complications associated with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  He and Bill Gates created the software giant back in 1975, and he is credited with naming the company and even devising the two-button mouse that changed computing.

  • Allen left Microsoft but invested heavily in Vulcan, Stratolaunch, and other firms
  • Satya Nadella said Allen “created magical products, experiences and institutions”
  • He invested in the City of Seattle, such as $46 million for housing homeless, low-income
  • A true technological pioneer has left us and the tech industry is no longer the same

Original Programming is the Future

Snapchat announced at the end of last week that they were set to released 12 “Originals” that would be there version on original programming on their application.  The genres of content range from comedy, drama, young adults, mystery, and horror. Snap is uniquely positioned to captured the young adult and teen eyes and ears as Snap continues to gain traction.

  • Not on social media app has mastered the on-demand video concept as of yet
  • According to the platform, “over 3 billion Snaps are created every day”
  • The content will include the use of their augmented reality filters and technology
  • “Time spent watching shows on Snapchat has tripled this year alone” according to Snap

Tech Company Executives Battle US Military Needs

In what has turned out to be a very entertaining circus of comments and decisions, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google at one point were interested in the US military’s $10 billion cloud computing contract.  In laughable terms, Google pulled out due to ethical concerns associated with using artificial intelligence (AI) associated with military drones in war time.

  • Google has shown themselves to be anything less than ethical year after year
  • Amazon, Microsoft employees struggle with idea of using AI in waging war
  • Jeff Bezos stated that tech executives and companies often make unpopular decisions
  • Using AI and other cutting edge technologies is needed in military and national defense

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