Social Gaming and Bubble Bust

This week on the Waves of Tech: Reachout, Sony PS3, Social gaming and bubble bust.

Show Notes


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2. Sony PS3 Jailbreak

We agree that the steps taken here by Sony are a tad-bit too far reaching. Sony is demanding to know the identity of anyone who saw the PS3 Jailbreak video on YouTube. This is a massive overreaction on the part of Sony and we discuss it.

3. Twitpic adds video

Twitpic is going to be adding video sharing to its services now. Many of us use Twitpic and integrate it in our Twitter feeds and even Tumblr allows for audio features now. Mike and Dave say its an evolution of the social network while Steve proposes that it stretches the true and original purpose of Twitter.

4. Dave goes the way of social gaming

Well, well, well. Dave finally caved in and joined a social gaming app. Of course, his love for sports is the only way in which social gaming was an option. Madden NFL Superstars is an app through Facebook that Dave has found to be quite the game. Question is…will Mikee jump on board soon?

5. 11-Year Anniversary of the DotCom bubble

  • Remember these companies: & etoys
  • Slightly busted but still around: Lycos, Alta Vista, Excite, Angel Fire
  • Some are doing well: Amazon, EBay, WebMD,, Intuit, Priceline
  • Super Bowl 34 featured 17 DotCom companies. How many in SB 45?
  • 2011 potential IPOs:  Facebook, Linked-In, Zipcar, Kayak, Groupon, Zynga
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