Social Hiding With The Olympics

Episode 212 of The Waves of Tech is here!!  On this week’s show, we head over to Russia and let you know how to avoid Olympics spoilers in your social media feeds.  We also have a great conversation about the state of Microsoft, with a new CEO at the wheel and Gates forever in the background.  Enjoy the show and we hope you continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Social hiding with the Olympics going on

One downside of having the Olympics in another country that is hours ahead of local time….the spoilers!!  For many of us, we want to experience the Olympics in the moment.  We want to experience the event without any previous knowledge of how the event will end.  The latest update from BloKo allows you to block tweets and updates with Olympics-related content.  Check it out.


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Zuckerberg biggest giver in 2013

In tech, we talk way too much about stock prices, CEO salaries, product development, product failures, and crappy contracts.  One thing we don’t talk about enough is the giving and philanthropic spirit of many top tech executives.  Mark Zuckerberg donated 18 millions shares of his company to an educational nonprofit last year.  Bill and Melinda Gates shared $181 million with their foundation in effort to assist in international public health initiatives.

PayPal CEO’s credit card hacked

PayPal is soon to be venturing into the retailer stores, spreading their product from online to physical store locations.  We don’t see this as a setback but an interesting story.  The CEO of PayPal had his credit card skimmed while conducting business in the UK, proving once again that we are all vulnerable to theft and financial fraud.  Here the story of how the CEO spun the story to make PayPal look great.

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Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft went all out with their rebranding of SkyDrive…by calling it OneDrive.  Maybe not the most bold move to take in our opinion.  Nevertheless, OneDrive is going to be offering a few bonus services in an effort to entice users to transition from their current cloud storage platform to theirs.  Among them include additional space when referring friends and more free storage when using your camera roll.

Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella and what is Bill Gate’s position; More on Gates

Of late, we have talked about Microsoft in some negative light.  So now is the time to spend some quality, positive time on the software and gaming giant.  The new CEO, Satya Nadella, has taken over where he hopes to invigorate the company with expanded product innovation and growth.  He is a welcoming new face in the CEO position, a position that many shareholders were happy to see filled after lackluster relations with Ballmer.  Where does Microsoft go from here?

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