How The Social Landscape Is Forcing Changes In E-commerce

On Episode 271 of The Waves of Tech, we have for you a packed show with tech headlines, in-home tech devices, and how the social landscape of the United States is forcing changes in E-commerce.  So, this week we cover – Verizon finalizes AOL acquisition, Amazon Echo pre-orders are available, Gmail unveils the Undo Send option, tech companies remove Confederate flag merchandise, and an Apple Watch running 20 year old Mac OS.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Verizon Completes Its Acquisition of AOL For $4.4B

Just seems like yesterday that we were talking about the AOL and Verizon transaction.  After the sell of shares equivalent to $4.4 billion went through, the Verizon purchase of AOL is official.  This partnership allows Verizon to capitalize on what AOL has created over the past many years – a large model for advertising revenue and a large stake in Internet subscribers.  As Verizon looks to improve and remake the mobile internet subscription industry, this will help will that vision.

Amazon Echo Connected Speaker Goes Up For U.S.-Wide Pre-Order, For $180

About 9 months ago, we purchased the Amazon Echo for $99 as part of a pre-release program of the in-home speaker-virtual assistant device.  Amazon has opened upon pre-orders for the device, in the US only right now, for $180.  After using the 9-month gap to improve the device, work out the bugs, update to device to include better voice recognition, and provide critical integration to iTunes and other applications, it’s ready for every household now.

Send an Email You Regret? Gmail’s ‘Undo Send’ Option Is Now Here

We’ve all done.  We’re all guilty.  In the heat of the moment, we type out and send an emotionally charged email to a friend, coworker,client, or boss.  When we hit that send, we often feel better about the situation only to find out that the problem is only gonna get worse.  Well, Gmail finally released an “Undo Send” option to their over 900 million account holders.  The feature had been built years ago but never released for use.  Now is the time, according to Google.

Confederate flag merchandise

The United States is going through a bit of upheaval right now.  After the shooting of 9 African-American church members by a young white male, the State of South Carolina is considering removing the Confederate Flag from display.  For many African-Americans, it’s a symbol that ought not to be displayed due to it’s negative historical meaning.  Now, Amazon, WalMart, Sears, and EBay are banning the sale of Confederate flag merchandise from their store and digital shelves.  This is case of how modern landscape of American culture is clearly affecting the business decisions of some giant tech companies.

Steve’s Story – Apple Watch Running a 20+ Year Old Version of Mac OS

We are never surprised at what tech geeks are capable of these days.  Nick Lee, a developer, used Mini vMac Emulator to load Mac OS 7.5.5 on the Apple Watch…and it worked!  That’s right, Nick shoehorned the 20+ year old OS onto the latest and greatest in the wearables market.  Of course, the OS wasn’t particularly useful to him, it’s still an amazing story of ingenuity and thought.

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