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We have an ultra-packed show this week for you listeners! We would like to welcome to the Family. Be sure to check out their awesome products. Social media giants Twitter and Facebook make the agenda this week as they continue to trend in many tech discussions. We reveal the results of last week’s poll question regarding trust & private data. Apple listened to their customers and released an iOS update addressing the location tracking concern and also show off their new iMacs. We mix it up with a funny story about crooks dialing 911 and giving away their location over the phone, unknowingly. Finally, Mikee concludes with a story about AT&T bandwidth capping…a must listen to discussion. Join us, as we ride….the waves of tech!

Show Notes

1.Twitter to buy Tweekdeck

Twitter made headlines this week with their $40-50 million purchase of Tweetdeck. Many believe is was a defensive move that did not allow UberMedia to pick up Tweetdeck and hence control more of the Twitter app market. Few details are out explaining if Twitter plans to retain the design team or personnel.

2. Facebook Pages being taken down

Facebook has been shutting down fan pages over the pass few days. Needless to say, users are update with their decision. Facebook is taking down Facebook pages that are “accused” of infringing upon copyrights and Facebook does little (or nothing) to verify the legitimacy of the claims before taking action

3. Do you trust either Google and/or Apple with your private data?

I trust Apple (39%)
I trust Google (24%)
I trust both (23%)
I don’t trust either of them (14%)

4. IOS 4.3.3 now available – Location trackingNew iMacs

Apple typically works on their own timeline but the latest iOS updates shows the power of user reaction to location and personal data tracking. The latest update addresses these concerns. Let’s see if users back off a bit now. Also, check out the spec changes for the newest iMacs.

5.More Sony troubles; Sony Games Chief Takes Point

Sony is having a historically bad two weeks. Sony is saying that an additional 24.6 million accounts have been leaked. The heir-apparent CEO has now stepped in to help resolve the issue. The PSN is scheduled to be operational on Sunday.

6. Suspects busted after ‘pocket dialing’ 911

Tech makes crime fighting so easy sometimes and this story proves it. A crook in NY “pocket dialed” 911 and proceeded to provide their location to local authorities all while driving around to their next robbery location. Mother must be proud!

7. Capping broadband

This story is a must-listen to. Mikee has now official cut ties with AT&T because of their bandwidth capping. Tune in to here some of the hilarious comments during a live chat with AT&T tech support. Have you dropped service because capping?

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