Social Media Hospitals and Netflix Outrage

Picking your hospital based on their social media presence, the most hated companies in the U.S., a review of Windows Phone 7 Mango update and the Netflix outrage.

Show Notes

Welcome into Episode 96 of Waves of Tech. Thanks for checking out the podcast. In this week’s episode we discuss a recent survey that demonstrates that patients decide on hospitals based on the social media presence of that particular health organization. We have our reservations about the survey & tell you why. Next, we try and decipher why so many tech companies appeared on a recent “Most Hated” list. Mikee gives a real solid WP7 Mango rundown & we throw out our initial Google Plus thoughts. The big conversation involves the outrage of Netflix changing its subscription fees. We try and figure out where the rage is coming from and what the outrage means in terms of a market of free & cheap media. Join the conversation at as you continue to ride….the waves of tech.

1. Patients pick hospitals for their social media presence

2. The 19 Most Hated Companies in America

Dish Network #18, COX #17, ATT Mobile #14, Facebook #10, MySpace #9, Comcast #4, Time Warner #3

3. Mikee gives WP7 Mango rundown

4. Understanding the outrage of the Netflix price change

5. Will OSX Lion come out tomorrow? Will Apple release 4 new MacBook Air models, including two 11-inch and two 13-inch sizes? We’ll see!

6.  Google Plus initial thoughts?

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