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Welcome to Waves of Tech #109! We welcome to the podcast this week Jim Meeker (@ctrlaltdeliver). Jim is a blogger, podcaster, and educator. You can find his content of We hope you enjoy this week’s show and as always…continue to ride the waves of tech.

In the digital age, the question of lifespan comes up quite frequently. We’ve seen this in recent infographics stating that, on average, 71% of Tweets receive no attention or reaction. 92% of RTs occur with the first hour of tweet. A recent study shows that Facebook updates persist in the News Feed for around 22 hours. With individuals spending more time on Facebook weekly (~2 hours more than last year), with teens finding more educational uses for social media, and other sites such as GooglePlus evolving, does this trend create a better chance of someone viewing your content or less? We open up and discuss.

The dichotomy of technology continues to be pressed into our minds, week after week. Hackers recently hacked Sesame Street’s YouTube channel and flooded the account with inappropriate pornographic videos and images. Google quickly responded by secure the channel. On top of all the filtering we already do to keep our kids safe online, we now have to worry about checking trusted family broadcasting channels for inappropriate content. What a world it is now!

Groupon, Groupon, Groupon. A few months ago Groupon was on top of the world. A huge IPO in the horizon, massive capital growth, and huge sums of start-up funds. Since the SEC traced through their financials and found some non-GAAP principles being utilized, Groupon’s financial platform isn’t looking very secure. Will this cause investors to move away from Groupon’s IPO? Time will tell folks.

Want a world of no bank fees, no government regulations, and no real dollar valuation? If so, join the world of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency that can be used to exchange services between business entities. This movement has been thought to be the next non-conventional currency to conduct business. Bitcoin recently imploded leaving the industry in a bit of shambles.

1. Facebook: Post Life Span (The lifespan of a Tweet); The Facebook Addiction; Teens leaving Facebook

2. Sesame Street Youtube Channel hacked

3. Groupons Accounting Problem: Does it really matter to us whether or not the company is valued at 5 Billion or 10 Billion?

4. Bitcoin implodes, falls more than 90 percent from June peak?


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