Solar Disruption, Super Bowl Giveaway and iPad Educational Tool


Waves of Tech Episode 120 is chalked full of all the tech talk you need! This week we talk about what effect solar storms has on our communication lines, Chevy’s plan to introduce itself into the social media discussion, and debate the reality of iPads actually helping students learn classroom material.

1. Solar disruption

The world of tech is so much larger than smartphones, tablets, desktops, TVs, and Mac Book Pros. We forget about what science brings to the table in our understanding of the outer limits of space. Do you know that weather conditions nearly 130 millions away from you and I can effect our lines of communications, the flight path of aircraft, and even tweak the placement of satellite systems? A recent solar storm with intense solar winds sent massive amounts of radiation in Earth’s direction. Solar storms in the past have caused massive blackouts in some regions of Canada.

2. Chevy using Super Bowl to give away cars

Chevy is diving deeper into the world of mobile interaction, social media, and the Super Bowl. Sounds like a winning combination, right? It just may pay off for Chevy. Their plan is to give away 20 cars during the course of the Super Bowl broadcast. Download the app Chevy Game Time and you have a chance to answer trivia questions, take surveys, and win a new car or truck!! We’ve seen the auto industry improve it’s in-car experience with tech upgrades, such as Cadillac and Ford. Chevy is taking a step toward full integration of social media, mobile applications, and the largest broadcast around the world.

3. Questions surrounding the use of iPads in the classroom:

Is the iPad a solid educational tool?
Is Motion Math valuable in the classroom setting?

We finish the show with a lengthy discussion regarding the use of iPads in the classroom and whether iPads really help learning. With so many different learning styles and teaching styles, where does technology fit into that equation? We hope you enjoy the show. Please comment on anything you heard on the show. We love hearing from our listeners. Enjoy your day and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

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