Solar Eclipse Craze, Original Programming, and the Computer Chip Industry

solar eclipseOn Episode 366 of The Waves of Tech, we diving into the solar eclipse craze, original programming, and the computer chip industry.  The solar eclipse captured the attention of the American people.  We share some highlights and learn how business and government agencies leveraged the event.  Apple has spent nearly $1 billion on original programming.  We ask the question of “How have they spent that much” and “Will they ever compete with Netflix and Amazon?”  And finally, the computer chip industry was shaken up this week with the announcement that Samsung is now the leading chip manufacturer.  We breakdown what has changed in the industry to cause the shift.  Thanks for tuning in!  The Waves of Tech is powered by – Modern Issues. Modern Discussions.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech

Total Solar Eclipse Streaming

Science captured the attention of millions of Americans this week.  With the total solar eclipse covering the skies across the States, many took to the streets and outdoors to capture to scientific marvel.  Hundreds of media outlets streamed the event and shared reactions.

  • Twitter & Weather Channel teamed up to bring hours of coverage across the nation
  • Weather Channel leveraged the event by capturing ad revenue and traction
  • and NASA provided hundreds of photos and video streams for the public
  • Millions of Americans travelled to other states to experience eclipse totality
  • Bonnie Tyler’s hit Total Eclipse of The Heart hit #1 in iTunes today

What To Do With Eclipse Glasses

The next solar eclipse is happening in the United States in 2024.  In 2019, South America and Asia will partake in the marvel.  So, what do you do with those one in a lifetime eclipse glasses?  Donate them to a non-profit and spread the solar and science love.

  • Astronomers Without Borders is collecting glasses and sending them overseas
  • Redistributing glasses to schools in Asia and South America is the plan
  • Opportunity for schools to have a first-hand science experience that they might not have
  • Rare opportunity that inspires students and teachers and provide science education

Apple Spending $1 Billion on Original Programming

When we think of original programming, Apple is clearly not the first platform that comes to mind.  The likes of Netflix and Amazon dominate the on-demand programming market.  It is surprising to think that Apple has spent nearly $1 billion on original programming!

  • Planet of the Apps and Carpool Karaoke has completely failed to measure up
  • Apple’s place in the original programming marketplace is still questionable
  • Apple has lured away a few Sony executive to refocus the concept
  • Distribution is Apple’s forte, whereas content creation and programming is not

Intel Inside vs Samsung

We don’t discuss computer chip manufacturing very often on the podcast despite processing power being a major element of the tech space.  We learned this week that Samsung has surpassed Intel as the number one chip manufacturer.

  • The data push in the travel, tourism, automotive, and retail sectors are thriving
  • Samsung is providing chips to firms that are processing data at exceptional rates
  • Providing data in real-time and for customer trend analysis is proving beneficial
  • The once dominant Intel Inside is no longer a household name
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