European Space Agency’s Space Claw

On Episode 513 of the Waves of Tech, we are diving into technology talk that matters. In a unique play to clean up space junk, the European Space Agency is working to build a claw to grip and direct defunct satellites into Earth’s atmosphere. It’s with some anticipation that we learned Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman, is leaving his post in January which opens the doors for restatement of net neutrality regulation. Zoom reported this week that, once again, their revenue soared to record numbers as they continue to experience exponential growth during the pandemic. Apple is new circulating hardware with their latest and self manufactured M1 chip, and we hear a story of the good and bad with one such Apple setup.

European Space Agency’s Space Claw

It is well known that space junk is a really big issue in the space industry. Space debris, in the form of defunct satellites and machines, continues to pollute the air of the atmosphere causing some safety issues for space travel and for existing infrastructure. The European Space Agency and a Swiss startup are developing a claw to grip and recover expired items.

  • Claw is designed to grip satellites and steer items into the Earth’s atmosphere
  • As a result, the satellite and claw would burn up as it enters the hot atmosphere
  • More design consideration should be made when launching, developing space stuff
  • The claw is expected to be operational in mid-2025 with hopes the clean up air space

FCC Chairman Done in January

As is the case with many top administrators and officials when there is a change at the highest political levels around the world, it was announced Ajit Pai will step down from his FCC Chairman position when the Biden Administration assumes control. Pai is most well known for rolling back Net Neutrality regulations, unravelling years of industry direction.

  • Pai is well known for his executive positions in the telecom, ISP, broadband industry
  • One name has surfaced – Jessica Rosenworcel, current FCC Commissioner
  • This administrative change would clearly reinstate any damage done by Pai since 2016
  • Net Neutrality is set to become a major talking point in the next few years

Zoom Revenue Soars Once Again

To say Zoom is doing well financially and within the video conferencing industry is a major understatement. The company announced that revenues again quadrupled when compared to last year’s quarter numbers. They continue to see gains in paid users, nearly eclipsing the 1 million user mark, even when battling for position against Google, Microsoft, and Slack.

  • The global health pandemic is the primary reason Zoom is experiencing growth
  • As some industries bring employees back to offices, will profits drop in response
  • Zoom excels for many due to its relatively easy setup and ease of functionality
  • Other platforms struggle with user implementation, Zoom does not have that vibe

Apple’s M1 Chip

As Apple shifts their manufacturing of chips internally, they are seeking to create a system and infrastructure that works best for them. And yes, that will come at the cost of some users and their existing business machine setups. Whereas the chip is designed for efficiency and high performance, there will be some limitations here and there.

  • Steve shares one short story of how the new chip complicated one client’s setup
  • No fault can be given to Apple for internalizing their entire chip manufacturing process
  • Be sure to investigate the implications of purchasing new Apple products
  • Other issues may slowly arise as chips roll out, will wait and see if they are severe

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