SpaceX In-Flight Abort Test

On Episode 476 of the Waves of Tech, we are talking about the other side of tech and touching on topics not everyone is thinking about. SpaceX successfully completed their second in-flight abort test that demonstrated the ability to launch a capsule into space in the event of a catastrophic rocket loss. Neal Agarwal is a computer scientist and coder that is presenting cool ideas, such as deep sea exploration and size of space, in a fun, creative, and interesting manner. One of the unknown consequences of streaming services is the rise in electric guitar sales thanks in part to a generation that now has access to some of the most iconic and legendary guitarists of all time.

SpaceX In-Flight Abort Test

In another amazing feat of engineering, SpaceX successfully tested their in-flight abort (IFA) process earlier this week. The Dragon capsule sat upon a Falcon 9 rocket and launched. It was eventually and deliberately destroyed mid-flight to demonstrate the ability of the Dragon to detach from the rocket and project into flight without loss of the capsule. Incredible!

  • IFA is designed to protect against the loss of life as it related to space exploration
  • NASA requested the test before sending astronauts to space via the Dragon unit
  • May 2015 marked the first test, January 2020 marked a triumph accomplishment
  • Dragon is set to send NASA personnel to space by late end of 2020

Mixing Technology, Creativity, and Fun

Neal Agarwal is a computer science graduate from Virginia Tech and has found an interesting way of combining creativity and technology. He is utilizing creative coding to present real world perspective on a variety of areas – size of space, deep sea exploration, age of products, and how time works. His approach and work is standing out from the busy tech crowd.

  • Spend Bill Gates’ money by buying a MLB team, a yacht, coffee, and an F16 fighter
  • Explore the deep sea with a scrolling chronology of depth and sea creatures
  • Visit the Baby Map and see every time a baby is born in a particular country
  • Explore how time works in relationship to things that we love to do

Music Streaming Increases Guitar Sales

Streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music have some very real and tangible benefits, both to the music lover and the musical artist. One benefit that had not occurred to us is that electric guitar sales have increased 5% in 2019 and a portion of that is thanks to streaming services that are putting iconic and classic guitarists back on display for us to hear.

  • The streaming generation is learning about Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Tom Petty now
  • Historic guitarists are now center stage thanks to streaming platforms
  • These classic guitarists are inspiring musicians interested in playing the guitar
  • Fender CEO sees streaming growing to 700 people million in the next three years

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