SpaceX Satellite Contract And Hacking Apple

On Episode 507 of the Waves of Tech, we are offering up another grab bag of tech stories to suit your technology enthusiasm. SpaceX was granted a multi-million contract to build and deliver a satellite capable of tracking missile launches from space via infrared sensors. Under Apple’s bug bounty program, five guys hacked the internal network of the Cupertino-based giant and found 55 vulnerabilities, some of which were critically severe. Amazon’s Prime Day is upon us and thousands of deals from smart home devices, school supplies, Echo products, and kitchen goods. The iPhone 12 is set to be announced this week as Apple tries to grab more of the 5G enabled phone marketplace.

SpaceX Earns $149M Satellite Contract

As SpaceX continues to advance their Starlink Satellite program to provide internet satellite service to residents around the world, they have now earned a multi-million contract to build a new satellite for the United States military capable of tracking missile launches. The Space Development Agency is championing the program through the Tracking Layer Tranche project.

  • Contract will provide missile tracking for the SDA from space using infrared sensors
  • SpaceX has not received Department of Defense monies for to build satellites
  • Having established success with NASA, they look to expand opportunity elsewhere
  • Projected project completion date for delivery and launching is end of 2022

Hacking Apple Led to Serious Issues

Over a three month period, 5 website security professionals probe the Apple network and ended up finding 55 vulnerabilities of which 11 were considered critically severe. Sam Curry, a 20-year old, and his team found vulnerabilities that allowed them to take control of core Apple infrastructure with the potential to steal emails, iCloud information, and other private data.

  • The team is expected to be paid out nearly $500,000 from Apple for their findings
  • The five performed the research under Apple’s ongoing bug-bounty program
  • Sam Curry provided a 9,200 word article on his website, link provided below
  • Apple made a statement to the effect of they vigilantly work to protect our networks

Amazon Prime Day Deals

One of the biggest online events of the year is here – Prime Day – and with that comes a host of deals for shoppers. Amazon is providing massive discounts up to 50% off for Amazon developed products – Fire tablets, Echo 5, Amazon Kids+, Echo Auto, and more. Smart devices are in huge demand, so there are a number of Smart Home devices up to 30% off. Be on the lookout for back to school and college discounts. If you utilize the new Prime Store Card, you can gain an additional 10% back for electronics, kitchen items, and toys.

Apple Event and iPhone 12 Goes 5G

During the build-up to their annual event, Apple has been touting the slogan, “Hi, Speed.” As they are set to announce the newest iPhone, 5G and speed is all the talk. Apple is trying to position themselves in a better place than Samsung, which to date has had more 5G enabled phones than any competitor. Of course, enabled and having access to 5G are different things.

  • 5G is readily available in dense populaces, not so much in rural areas right now
  • T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T have initiated their 5G networks and slowly expand service
  • Customers should still be aware of data capping and throttling with 5G availability
  • A big talking point is cost – where Apple falls on the price spectrum could matter

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