SpaceX Thrills Again And Google Buys FitBit

On Episode 467 of the Waves of Tech, we kick off the show with a brief reflection on Veteran’s Day and how technology has changed the landscape of military defense. SpaceX continues to create impressive headlines with their fourth launch of Falcon 9 and first time reuse of their payload fairing. Chrome is considering instituting a system for essential grading the speeds of websites as they load in hopes of creating a better user experience. Lastly, Google orchestrated a purchase of Fitbit as the internet giant takes a major set into the wearable market.

SpaceX Launch Thrills Again

The engineers and scientists behind SpaceX continue to impress. The Monday launch of Falcon 9 marks the fourth relaunch and landing of the impressive and reusable rocket. Another round of 60 Starlink satellites were the payload. This launch was particularly rare because it demonstrated the first time reuse of their payload fairing deployment! Incredible stuff.

  • The SpaceX live commentary was very educational and informative once again
  • Viewers were treated to learning about maximum dynamic pressure on vehicle
  • Main engine cutoff, stage separation, and second engine startup were all explained
  • Private investment in space flight continues to prove beneficial and rewarding

Chrome “May” Begin Identifying Slow Websites

At the Chrome Dev Summit in San Francisco, the web browsers laid the foundation for potential changes coming to our browsing experiences. Progress indicators, in the form of various colors, may be used to show the difference between fast and slow loading websites. Google states it is designed to improve the user experience while browsing.

  • Raises the questions of the objectivity of the method used to grade all websites
  • Non-Google and competitive websites may be subject to speed shaming in the end
  • There are implications for URL owners that cannot invest in high rate delivery, hosting
  • Chrome hopes to finalize a concept that is “practically achievable by all developers”

Google Steps Up to Buy Fitbit

Well, on the heels of learning that Fitbit was struggling in terms of units sold, news broke this week that Google bought Fitbit for an estimated $2.1 billion. Google has slowly been buying up unknown wearable companies and technologies as fitness continues to grow in user popularity. Google has spent several years failing to make create influence in the wearable marketplace.

  • The wearable hardware provides Google an immediate impact in the industry
  • Wear OS continues to be something Google wants to improve and invest in
  • Fitbit announced that “health and wellness data will not be used for Google ads”
  • No collective word has been presented as to how the Fitbit end user feels about this

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