Square & Twitter CEO Makes Bold Statement

On Episode 492 of the Waves of Tech, we are covering the tech news that matters to you! Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square, announced plans to allow workers to permanently work from home in the near future. More is being learned of the overall impact the virus is having on the ride sharing industry as Uber announces closures, layoffs, and losses. Music consumption has changed throughout the years, and we explore why there has been some lost artistry as a result. The Apple-FBI relationship is once again strained as the government points their finger at Apple for not doing enough in terms of personal phone access.

Square & Twitter CEO Makes Bold Statement

Over the past few days, Jack Dorsey – famed CEO of Twitter and Square – announced plans to allow eligible employees to permanently work from home after the coronavirus issue comes to an end. This move also strengthens Dorsey’s position that the companies are too centralized as they try to distribute their workforce away from the dense San Francisco area.

  • Twitter and Square do not plan to open offices until September 2020, at least
  • There is a push to allow employees to be able to work where they feel most productive
  • Not all work functions from home are ideal but companies are set up to provide tools
  • A line is now forming in terms of companies shifting to home-based creativity

Ride-Sharing Being Hard Significantly

The unemployment and layoff numbers continue to swell around the world as companies are reeling from lack of open businesses and travel restrictions. Uber announced another round of 3,000 layoffs, which includes the closing of their AI Labs division, the product incubator program, and other random side projects. A focus on mobility and delivery has erupted.

  • UberEats has grown in popularity but not enough to fill the gap left from riders
  • Office buildings are beginning to be vacated around the world, 45 in total
  • Under normal conditions, Uber would continue to research and create new tools
  • Reports are showing revenues down as much as 80% worldwide, not healthy

Music Streaming vs Album Listening

The music industry has shifted and bended with each and every technological advancement from vinyls and compact discs to downloadable media and streaming services. However, a bit of artistry and soul from music has been lost as less and less people are consuming albums in their entirety from start to finish. This is an interesting side effect of streaming.

  • The constant desire for playlists and shuffles is driving a particular listening behavior
  • Artists create and design their songs around a style, feel, vibe, and experience
  • YouTube, Pandora, and Spotify profit off the concept of new and recyclable music
  • Consider the last time you listened to an album, cover to cover and song by song

Apple & The FBI – A Bad Love Story

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) needs Apple and Apple needs the FBI. It was learned this week that the FBI was finally able to access the iPhone of a terrorist after countless hours and loads of money. The FBI claims Apple did next to nothing to help, while Apple expressed they provided data and information consistent with the law and requests.

  • The Attorney General is attempting to circumvent the rules in place with new statements
  • Apple has consistently taken the staunch position around the security of personal data
  • Can tech companies build in features that protect users but benefit the government?
  • Apple will never allow a backdoor access to the government, as they have requested

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