Steve Jobs and New Apple Releases

With great sadness, we share our thoughts on the passing of a tech icon and visionary – Steve Jobs. Passing at the young age of 56, Jobs was able to create a one-of-a-kind business that prospered because he found niches in the market that were extremely profitable. We share a moment of silence for a man that has done more for technology than many before his time. We also recount the events from Apple this passed week. Continuing on with the podcast, 4 of the Top 10 “Most Hated Jobs” are claimed by IT positions. There are so many variables in this equation: the pressure to meet deadlines, a demand for security, working on restricted budgets, communicating with end-users, and many more. Finally, we share a very interesting story of a company in Texas that placed a QR Code on their rooftop and gained millions of downloads.

1. IT Jobs claim 4 of 10 “Most Hated Jobs”
2. iPhone 4S
* iPhone evolution
* AT&T not allowing upgrade prices for early iPhone 4 adopters.

New iPod Touch and Nano
3. Roof top QR Codes
4. Subject: Your ACH Transfer N630294766



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