Spam Calls, Bracing for Cyber-attacks, State Net Neutrality Laws

On Episode 392 of The Waves of Tech, we are talking all about protecting ourselves, our data, our privacy, and our privileges.  Robocalls, spam messages, and fraud attempts are rising day-by-day. Find out how to prepare and protect yourself from these types of calls.  2018 is shaping up to be a banner year for cyber-attacks, with an estimated 11 billion individual malware attacks anticipated. Learn what is coming and what can be done.  California is introducing legislation – Right to Repair – mandating manufacturers to provide repair specifications on all devices sold. This would allow consumers to properly and accurately repair their devices without paying the high costs to stores and authorized dealers.  And finally, states are taking the net neutrality battle to heart and signing bills to protect consumers from a future without internet protection and unequal access.

The Rise of Robocallers, Spammers, and Fraudulent Calls

Many of us have been experiencing a drastic increase in unwanted phone calls asking for anything from sensitive personal information to request to buy specific products and services.  The Federal Trade Commission, on a monthly average, receives 375,000 complaints from customers about robo callers, spammers, and fraudsters.

  • Consider using a third-party app to block and monitor for spam calls
  • Check with your wireless carrier about some standard features that may be used
  • Never provide personal information to anyone from an unrecognized number
  • Block these numbers as they come in to reduce potential for harm and theft

Cyberattacks – 2018 Will Be Worse Than 2016 & 2017

Yep, brace yourselves.  According to SonicWall, the number of individual cyber-attacks is expected to be upwards of 11 billion in 2018.  That is absolutely sickening! And that’s not the best of news for us that have been taking cyber threats serious and for those that are more vulnerable to attack.

  • The spike is attributed to future anticipated malware attacks in the coming year
  • Continue to update your security settings on your’s and your friends’ devices
  • Hackers and thieves are using artificial intelligence to improve their attacks
  • The Internet of Things is a very popular and quite vulnerable to cyber attack

California Introduces Right to Repair Legislation

When it comes to do-it-yourself repairs on home gadgets and tech devices, most of us throw up our hands and bring into an official store or authorized dealers costing us loads of money.  In part, this is because manufacturers are not required to provide repair information to buyers and third-party shops during a purchase. Along with 16 other states, California is looking to change this sooner than later.

  • Tech companies are opposed to the rules, stating security concerns (whatever, guys)
  • These laws may save consumers millions of dollars and time away from devices
  • New York’s legislation fizzled out after a few months in debate and drafting
  • The more serviceable and repair options available to consumers the better we are off

State of Washington Steps Up to Net Neutrality

As we are well aware, the Federal Communications Commission is rolling back internet protections for consumers as a result of their net neutrality position.  After the FCC made their decision, several states offered up their own set of internet-governing rules including the state of Washington. If you want to do business in Washington, there will be rules and regulations.

  • Several states will follow suit with their own boundaries and conditions
  • At some point, there will be multiple states governing themselves and ISPs
  • This move is a loud statement to the FCC and Administration and many applaud
  • Business could use this as a way to charge additional fees on an internet bill


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Brace Yourself Cyberattacks in 2018

States Introduce Right to Repair Bill

Washington’s Net Neutrality Law

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