Stratolaunch Vehicles, Private Moon Travel, Bodycam Footage and EU Approves Controversial Directive

On Episode 417 of The Waves of Tech, we take a deep dive into the recent space travel news and more.  Stratolaunch, based at the Mojave Air & Spaceport, are using unique launching ideas and uniquely designed aircraft to send satellites into orbit.  SpaceX announced plans to send the first private passenger to the moon in 2023, a stride that was promised by the company and is becoming a reality.  Deadly body camera footage continues to appear on social media on the demand of users, but the trend is becoming a bit more troubling. The EU is scheduled to enforce an interesting set of regulations aimed at diminishing Google’s power and empowering creators and publishers.  The Waves of Tech is powered by – Modern Issues. Modern Discussions.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

Stratolaunch – SciFi Becomes Reality

As their website states, “Space is closer than you think.”  Stratolaunch is a venture backed by the Paul G. Allen Company.  With futuristic designed aircraft, the company’s goal is to provide satellite delivery services.  They aim to gain insights, make discoveries, and aggregate satellite data that will improve the overall well being of Earth and the human population.

  • They offer a unique air-launch approach for delivery payloads to orbits
  • Their vehicles takes off and land from a runway rather than by use of rockets
  • Wingspan of 385 feet, length of 238 feet, Tail height of 50 feet; it’s massive
  • Built at the Mojave Air & Space Port facility only a stones throw from our studio

SpaceX Moon Travel for Citizens

Well, the date is set.  In 2023 SpaceX and Elon Musk will be sending the first civilian passenger into orbit.  Following up on his 2017 promise that space travel would be accessible by the everyday person is becoming a reality now, as many things promised by Elon Musk.  The space company unveiled their BFR (Big Falcon Rocket) as the launching and travelling mechanism.

  • SpaceX revealed on a webcast the person and reasons the time is now for travel
  • The Twitter announcement caught all off guard,a major surprise for Space geeks
  • The BFR design was teased with a few design schematics sent out via tweets
  • Three huge fins, black, belly-mounted heat shield, deployable forward moving wing

Facebook Removes Sheriff Body Cam Footage

In a sad story that hit national headlines, an individual in Bakersfield, California (Dave’s city) went on a shooting spree killing 5 and turning the gun on himself.  All 15 minutes of footage was captured via a deputy’s body camera, later uploaded to Facebook by the Sheriff’s office, removed by Facebook artificial intelligence, uploaded to the Sheriff’s YouTube channel, and then reinstated by Facebook.

  • We posed the question of the need to have this violence broadcast on social media
  • Based on how feeds are delivered, it is nearly impossible to not see some of the video
  • Society’s drive and need to experience and witness shootings is concerning
  • Social media demand for this content is creating a dangerous precedent

EU’s “Link Tax” and “Upload Filter” Causing Heartburn

Starting in January 2019, the European Union’s Article 11 and Article 13 regulations go into effect which may have lasting impacts on content creators, major web companies, and smaller website creators.  As stated on The Verge, “Article 11 is intended to give publishers and papers a way to make money when companies like Google link to their stories.”

  • Google makes a ton of money off linking to other creators’ content
  • EU is attempting to offer a manner for smaller publishers to earn that revenue
  • Google is enemy number one in the EU, constantly labeled bad for business
  • This decision has disruptive impacts on the internet in the Union and around the world

No Episodes September 24 or October 1

We will be taking the next two weeks off as we plan for International Podcast Day 2018.  A new episode will be released on Tuesday, October 8. Be sure to watch the Live broadcast on International Podcast Day and tune into the 13th Annual Podcast Awards as we seek our first trophy after four nominations!

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