Student Hackers and Beer-delivering Drone

Welcome to Episode 211 of The Waves of Tech…where we talk in a different way.  On this week’s podcast, we ask cover a variety of topics including the Democratic legislation for Net Neutrality, beer-delivering drones, and student hackers.  We keep it going by diving into the latest in NFC capabilities and phone scams on the international front.  Thanks for checking out the podcast and we hope you continue to ride…the waves of tech!

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Open Internet Preservation Act
Net Neutrality update:  Last week, we reported on the implications to the educational system as some ISPs may move toward charging for high-end data usage.  In a legislative move, the Democratic Party has an introduced a bill that would take us back to December, before the high court rulings on FCC regulations.  With Republican opposition already on the table, this may become more interesting that many think.

Beer-delivery drone grounded
Amazon made headlines with their futuristic drone-deliver system.  Now others are following suit by making a name for themselves.  Lakemaid, a local brewery out of Minnesota, delivered a 12-pack of their finest beverage to ice fishers and loaded the video to YouTube.  Well…the FAA caught wind of the action and has ordered Lakemaid to halt any such delivery.  Who thought six months ago that drones would make this many headlines!

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Student hackers punished
We know students cheat.  We know students has incredible technological skills.  We know students are smart enough to use technology for cheating.  Eleven students in a Southern California school district were removed from their school for accessing and changing test scores and assignment grades.  In an interesting twist, the school board has destroyed the disciplinary records of these students.  This story is definitely worth listening to tonight.

iPhone case provides NFC capabilities
Incipio, a manufacturer of cell phone accessories, has created a iPhone case with built-in NFC capabilities.  NFC is a standard feature on Android products and is not embraced by Apple.  This case, starting at $70 and in AT&T stores, provide the user the opportunity to utilize Isis Mobile Wallet and brings the company into direct competition with Google Wallet.  Check out the goods and bads here.

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Phone scam
The Better Business Bureau has warned consumers not to answer or return calls from these area codes – 268, 809, 876, 284 and 473.  The scam is called the “one-ring phone scam.”  When phone users decide to call back, they are automatically charged nearly $30 for the call because the numbers are connected to an “adult entertainment service.”  Protect yourself and play it safe by not calling or answering when these area codes pop up.

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