The Real Super Mario Dies

We learned this week that the person named after Nintendo’s famous Super Mario franchise, Mario Segale, has died at 84. Apple reported to investors last week that the hardware giant would no longer be reporting on unit sales for their line of products, raising many concerns and questions along the way. When it comes to daylight savings, let’s not just focus on the housework. Let’s add some items to our tech to do list such as updating systems, security, and passwords and backing up our data. Lastly, bitcoin turns 10 this week and changed the manner in which many envision financial transactions in the future.

Mario Segale, the real Super Mario, Dies at 84

The origin story of the Nintendo’s Super Mario franchise is relatively unknown to many in the tech and gaming industry.  In the 1980s, Mario Segale (a Washington-based property developer) leased the first USA warehouse to Nintendo of America during the creation of the game.  Minoru Arakawa decided to call his character Mario because of that transaction.

  • Super Mario has defined the Nintendo brand for years and continues to thrive with it
  • The original super plumber character was slated to be named Jumpman
  • Super Mario Odyssey is the best-selling game on the new Nintendo Switch console
  • Mario Segale leaves behind his wife Donna, four children, nine grandchildren

Apple will no Longer Share Unit Sales for Products

We have become accustomed to the annual Apple conference and product release events where Apple boasts about unit sales on iPhones, iPads, Macs, and more.  During their recent earnings call, Apple announced they would no longer be reporting individual units sales in the foreseeable future. This raises a variety of questions, thoughts, and opinions.

  • Unit sales help analysts and journalists accurately report on the company’s progress
  • Concerns over future price escalation as sales numbers are available, units not
  • Apple states units tracking isn’t the sole determination of the company’s success
  • Revenue from Apple Pay, licensing, hardware, accessories, Apple Music all factor in

Daylights Savings Tech To Do List

Twice a year, we are reminded to set our clocks, change batteries in smoke detectors, and change our home air filters.  So, why not use this fall’s daylight savings change to fix up some things on your tech to do list. Here are just some of our recommendations.

  • Update your at-home and at-work computer system updates and make security checks
  • Change passwords, enhance your sign-in credentials, set up two-factor authentication
  • Backup your data and test your backup to ensure that recovery failure doesn’t result
  • Call phone & ISP providers for discounts, learn more about spam and robocalling

Digital Currency Turns 10 Years Old

This coming Wednesday, Bitcoin – the world’s first cryptocurrency, celebrates its tenth birthday.  Most think bitcoin is new to the industry, but it was first introduced in an academic paper in October 2008 titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.”  The paper also introduced blockchain technology and the digital ledger concept. Pretty cool stuff.

  • Satoshi Nakamoto set the stage for a revolution in digital currency worldwide
  • Bitcoin has been controversial in the regulatory world, embraced by many others
  • The first purchase of goods from bitcoin was in 2010 for two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins
  • Blockchain technology is set to be used in finance, healthcare, and insurance

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