2016 Tech Resolutions And Atlanta Takes Top Prize

We kick off the show with a discussion about big data and how people from around the United States are using it to promote change. The winner of a national competition resides in Atlanta and came to some amazing conclusions using big data. Our top discussions in 2015 included drones and Amazon, so we follow up with talks on drone registration and Amazon being named the biggest retailer overtaking WalMart. And finally, we each list our 2016 tech resolutions!

International Podcast Day 2015 Preview And More Drone Interference

This week, we begin by discussing the upcoming International Podcast Day event on September 30th. We next share a personal story of recreational drone activity interfering with emergency response and offer solutions for the growing problem. Car manufacturers are introducing the new standard coming to automobiles in the USA – automatic emergency braking systems. And finally, we offer some ideas for how to stop social media sites from tracking you online.

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