International Podcast Day 2015 Preview And More Drone Interference

This week, we begin by discussing the upcoming International Podcast Day event on September 30th. We next share a personal story of recreational drone activity interfering with emergency response and offer solutions for the growing problem. Car manufacturers are introducing the new standard coming to automobiles in the USA – automatic emergency braking systems. And finally, we offer some ideas for how to stop social media sites from tracking you online.

NFL Surface Tablets and Google Barge

We go heavy on recent technological advancements in sports, including NFL and soccer.  The NFL and Microsoft have a $400 million contract that places Surface tablets on the sidelines and in the hands of offensive and defensive coaches and the players.  In soccer, one team is utilizing camera technology to improve on field play and positioning.  We also discuss Google Barge, NFL DirecTV experiences, and Facebook.

OS X Yosemite Beta And Criminals Daring The Law

OS X Yosemite Beta and iOS 8, Apple’s iPhone and iPad financial news, in-car technology advancements, and criminals daring law enforcement to find them.

Top Tech Stories of 2013

With the end of 2013 here, we recap the top tech stories of 2013 and so much more on this week’s The Waves of Tech. Some of the top stories include Twitter going public, an increase in crowdfunding, Blackberry’s demise, NSA scandals, and the health-care website debacle.

Facebook Set To Pay No Taxes And International Tech News

Facebook has displeased millions of Americans this week with the news that the company isn’t paying any federal or state tax for the year. In international news, China has taken a #1 spot away from the US in a major tech category and we find that Sweden is the new epicenter of tech.

Facebook IPO, Skills for Students, And Internet Criticism

Welcome to Waves of Tech! We are glad to provide you with the latest from Steve, Dave, and Jim. After you are done listening to this episode, be sure to head over to CES 2012 for hours of CES content. This includes floor interviews, floor demos of products, hours of live in-booth broadcasts, and so much more!

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