Google Glass

Google Glass Public Offering

Google Glass and Google Ventures are the topic of interest for many and so we talk about it!!  In addition, Amazon has an interesting way of weeding out the employees that don’t want to work at the tech giant.  Heartbleed is causing plenty of trouble for those in the IT field and Facebook decides to mix up things a bit on their mobile application.

Google and Apple Dominate The Conversation

Google and Apple dominate the conversation. On the Google front, a man in Central California is ticketed for using Google Maps in this car, Chrome for iOS gets a compression feature, and Google Glass finds it way into surgery and the ER. On the Apple front, CarPlay is the latest feature from iOS 7 that allows drivers and passengers to bring iOS right into their car.

Myths About E-Books And The Print Industry

Episode 209 of The Waves of Tech comes with a hand full of topics including discussions on Google Glass usage, IBM’s international presence, and the International Space Station.  In our featured discussion, we debate the state of the e-book and print industry.  We would love to hear your thoughts on Episode 209 of The Waves of Tech.

Ticketed For Wearing Google Glass And Show 200 Celebration

This week on The Waves of Tech 200, we celebrate a milestone and recap the beginnings of this podcast. Thanks for being a part of this podcast and for the continued support through the years. This week, we talk about people utilizing Instagram to sell firearms and how drivers are being ticketed for wearing Google Glass while driving. We round out the show by saying thank you for being a part of Episode 200 and provide some insight to the evolution of the podcast. Tune in and you just might give yourself the opportunity to win some great giveaway prizes on The Waves of Tech.

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