Data Caps And Putting On The iPad Brakes

Among other topics, the World Cup and Twitter make headlines and show the truly international scale of social media. Data caps are again being questioned and draws concerns for many users. We finish the show by discussing the fallout of the Aereo ruling and explaining the debacle that the LA School District has stepped into.

The New iPad And The March Madness App

Today’s Apple Announcement, The CBS March Madness App, and Scholastic offers up new eBook platform

Security Versus Frustration And Taking A Pinterest In Education

Does your attitude change when technology security gets in your way? Security is a necessity but often when it shelters us from conducting business or pleasure, it can be agitating. Have you heard of Pinterest? If not listen to this episode and learn more.

Zune, Bandwidth Caps and News Sources

Possibly the end of Zune, AT&T Bandwidth Caps, iPad 2 and Ebay sales and News Source Flip-Flop

Show Notes

This week, Mikee takes a well deserved vacation and our good friend & developer buddy Fernie joins the podcast! The hot news of the week was AT&T’s decision to begin metering bandwidth. There are some major personal implications of this decision and we break it down for you. The Zune becomes a question mark as a part of Microsoft’s future and another milestone is reached in the battle of online news sources and newspaper print sources. Finally, we discuss the recent selling of an iPad 2 for nearly $4000 on eBay. Enjoy the show and join the conversation at ! It’s time to ride…the Waves of Tech.

1. The End of Zune & Microsoft’s responseBusiness Insider, Neowin, and Bloomberg all reported that Microsoft plans to pull the plug on the Zune music and video player. Microsoft denies the report by stating that all reports have been overly exaggerated. Were we able to reach a consensus of whether this is a good idea? Tune in to find out.

2. AT&T DSL Metering
If AT&T is good at anything, it is at driving their consumers absolutely crazy. In this case, metering bandwidth and implementing overage charges is the latest push. Maybe AT&T should reinvest into their failing infrastructure then maybe they wouldn’t have to make ridiculous decisions like this. We weigh in our thoughts.

3. Milestone: Web (Finally) Surpasses Newspapers As News Source
We knew the day would come and the day has arrived. 46% of people now say they get their news online at least three times a week, surpassing newspapers (40%) for the first time. As the face of communication changes domestically and internationally, the manner in which we gather our news and information changes.4. iPad 2’s on eBay & eBay’s rulesThe smell of capitalism is pungent in this discussion. The iPad 2 has erupting an online buying frenzy, with a single iPad 2 selling for nearly $4000 on eBay. Steve raises his concerns, Fernie supports the market, and Dave straddles the fence. What are your thoughts – free market enterprise or is policing needed?

Universal Heath Care Versus iPad

This week on the Waves of Tech: Support meltdown, Paper or Plastic, AT&T, Universal heath care versus an iPad and the CALM Act

Show Notes

Why does the 1-800 phone system cause us so much frustration and send us into a mental tailspin? Steve was recently sent on a phone system circus through the Bright House corporation. And this circus wasn’t by anyway entertaining. This leads the discussion towards the decline of customer support and whether the size of the company explains the level of quality customer support.

2.AT&T Rated the Worst Carrier…again
Way to go AT&T! You are now the proud owner of a six-year trend – being rated the worst domestic carrier. AT&T has struggled for many years with a failing network infrastructure which has in turn translated into failing customer service and millions exiting to other cell carriers. Apparently spending $2 billion in infrastructure improvements isn’t improving AT&T’s customer base.

3.iPad vs. Universal Health Care
Given the option, would you choose an iPad or Universal Health Care? If you chose the iPad, you are in the majority of survey takers according to a recent CNET online survey. The Waves of Tech crew has a kick with this segment. Tune in, check out the discussion, and leave your thoughts on the website.

4. CALM Act – Back in the News
The day has come! The Commercial Advertising Loudness Mitigation Act in set to take affect in 2011. Basically, the Act will control advertisement volume levels so that they do not exceed the volume of the current TV show, movie, or sporting event. Having that ear-splitting volume spike drives everyone absolutely crazy!

5. Paper or Plastic – Evolution from Checking to ATM’s to Debit Cards to Online banking
Steve, Mikee, and Dave discuss their personal ways of dealing with finances. As the transition from cash to check, check to ATM, and ATM to Online banking continues to take place, which of the crew is following in the tech’s pathway. You may be surprised with the statements.

6. ChromeOS
Mikee provides a solid breakdown of ChromeOS. The Internet has been abuzz about the new operating system. Moreover, there are plenty screaming about the potential and significant changes Chrome will have on operating system. Tune in and listen to Steve and Mikee’s take on ChromeOS.

Chevy Volt Strikes Lightening

iPad 2 predictions, Angry Birds, Chevy Volt mileage, next generation 911 and Tech with religion

Show Notes

There have been many rumors flying around the webs about a potential iPad2 release in January 2011. The next iPad is rumored to have a new screen, new touch technology, and a lighter design. Apple may be targeting a new group of consumers in this bold move. debates whether this potential move is too early for Apple to make….or is the timing just right?

2. Angry Birds slingshotting to PS3, XBox 360, Wii
ANGRY BIRDS!!!!! The ever so popular smartphone game is reported by the BBC to be making the jump to the PS3, XBox360, and Wii gaming consoles. Will the Angry Birds developer Rovio find success in this bigger market? Something to think about…Angry Birds is so successful because the game is dirt cheap. Only 99 cents to 2 bucks in the various app stores.

3. Chevy Volt to pull combined 60 miles per gallon
The Chevy Volt is garnishing tons of attention in the domestic auto industry. The Volt is sleek, stylish, and modern. More significantly, the Volt is one the first truly domestic product to be released. GM, attempting to battle the Toyota Prius, is set to release the strongest competition in the alternative energy vehicle industry to date. Steve brings up some interesting points as far as indirect costs associated with these vehicles.

4. “Next Generation 9-1-1” would accept emergency text messages
The 911 system attends to nearly 237 million calls every year. That’s around 500,000 calls a day! It is estimated that integrating emergency texting into the national 911 system would run around $80 billion. The crew discusses the pros and cons of a text-based 911 option. What are your thoughts on the topic? Good for public safety or opens the system to more abuse?

5. Tech and Religion
Steve and Dave have a brief conversation on the changing world of tech and religion. The Bible can now be streamed through iPads, iPod touches, and netbooks. More and more churches services are being streamed online or through ITV, reaching a different audience at the same time. Sermons are being duplicated into podcasts and there are apps for podcast sermons. One again, tech is influencing every element of our lives.

6. Mikee’s first touch of the Samsung Focus W7
Mikee took control of a Microsoft employee’s W7 phone and gave it a little test drive of sorts. What were Mikee’s impressions…positive, negative, or indifferent? Tune in as Mikee provides a brief rundown of the feel, look, functionality, and usability of the latest Samsung Focus W7 Phone.

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