Twitter Shakeup And The Dark Side Of Social Media

We dive into the Twitter shakeup, the NFL/Surface controversy, the dark side of social media, and in-car technology. Twitter has been experiencing a whirlwind of emotions and market share drops, including the departure of four top executives as the social giant continues to unimpress stockholders. The Microsoft Surface, a solid piece of hardware in the tablet market, received some complaints from broadcasters and coaches during a recent NFL game. The dark side of social media erupts on Sunday after an NFL kicker missed an extra point, invoking numerous hate tweets and threats toward the player. And finally, people are slowly changing their priorities when it comes to car buying.

Shoes Using E-ink Technology and Poisoning iPhone

We are looking at the growing movement of authors and storytellers deciding to write their original works for the sole purpose of being heard rather than being read. Straight to audiobook…that’s a new approach. We touch on a few other topics such as a 12-year old poisoning her mother for taking away her iPhone and the NFL’s move to end blackouts for the upcoming season. In a show first, we talk fashion and shoes that are using e-ink technology to change shoe patterns and designs on the go.

NFL Surface Tablets and Google Barge

We go heavy on recent technological advancements in sports, including NFL and soccer.  The NFL and Microsoft have a $400 million contract that places Surface tablets on the sidelines and in the hands of offensive and defensive coaches and the players.  In soccer, one team is utilizing camera technology to improve on field play and positioning.  We also discuss Google Barge, NFL DirecTV experiences, and Facebook.

Television Consumer Freedom Act & T-Mobile’s Jump Plan

How often do we see tech-related, game-changing legislation in the news? Not very often and that is why we discuss the TV Consumer Freedom Act of 2013 on this week’s The Waves of Tech podcast. The battle will soon be set between cable companies and TV networks. Find out the details and join the conversation as we breakdown the proposed legislation by Senator McCain.

What Do You Do When You Are Home Alone – QCE 4

Thoughts on Matt Leinar and what is a man to do when you are home alone. Sports Unleashed Podcast.

GM and EBay Team-up

GM and EBay team-up, NFL’s new slow motion, Microsoft Word, Data Backup, Cell Phone Industry

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