NFL Surface Tablets and Google Barge

We go heavy on recent technological advancements in sports, including NFL and soccer.  The NFL and Microsoft have a $400 million contract that places Surface tablets on the sidelines and in the hands of offensive and defensive coaches and the players.  In soccer, one team is utilizing camera technology to improve on field play and positioning.  We also discuss Google Barge, NFL DirecTV experiences, and Facebook.

Remembering Apollo 11 And Microsoft Layoffs

Microsoft is making big news with their massive layoff of 18,000, many tied to the Nokia-branch of their operations. On the other hand, PC sales are expected to rise significantly over the next few years. We also reminisce about Apollo 11 and the moon landing, 45 years later.

Improve Customer Service With Simple Technology

We start by discussing a very simple technological steps smaller companies are taking to reduce wait times and improve customer service. Texting while driving is always a hot topic so find out what move Apple is making. The ISS gets a nice Easter delivery and Bill Gates talks about philanthropy. Finally, we discuss the Supreme Court case involving broadcast networks and the startup, Aereo.

Facebook Set To Pay No Taxes And International Tech News

Facebook has displeased millions of Americans this week with the news that the company isn’t paying any federal or state tax for the year. In international news, China has taken a #1 spot away from the US in a major tech category and we find that Sweden is the new epicenter of tech.

Six Things You Should Do In 2013

In 2013, there are things we should be doing online that most of us probably are not doing – things such as reading terms of service, checking privacy settings, and scanning old photos. We have 6 things to add to your “To Do List.” Also, the Super Bowl power outage was an opportunistic time for many companies to promote their products via social networks for pennies on the dollar.

Reducing The Talent Deficit and How Utah Saved 46 Million

The importance and positive fiscal impact of moving into the realm of e-governance, moving from offline services to online services. In a related piece, as the move from offline to online continues this leaves a potential gap of job openings to qualified candidates available to occupy those openings.

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