How Much Do Tech Companies Make Per Second?

We throw in a good variety of tech news for you this week. A new Super Bowl record is set for streaming, demonstrating a shift in how consumers are watching sports. Ever curious how much money companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Twitter are making per second? Well, we have the answer for you. Drones strike again in New York City. This time a drone strikes the Empire State Building during a film session. To end the show, we share a story of contacting a local police department via social media to gain a faster response time and how Chipotle is utilizing social media and texting to help rebuild their image.

2016 Tech Resolutions And Atlanta Takes Top Prize

We kick off the show with a discussion about big data and how people from around the United States are using it to promote change. The winner of a national competition resides in Atlanta and came to some amazing conclusions using big data. Our top discussions in 2015 included drones and Amazon, so we follow up with talks on drone registration and Amazon being named the biggest retailer overtaking WalMart. And finally, we each list our 2016 tech resolutions!

Top Tech Stories of 2013

With the end of 2013 here, we recap the top tech stories of 2013 and so much more on this week’s The Waves of Tech. Some of the top stories include Twitter going public, an increase in crowdfunding, Blackberry’s demise, NSA scandals, and the health-care website debacle.

Businesses and IT Services

Amazon’s traveling workforce, technologies recognizing driver fatigue, retailer fragmentation, and IT consultants that don’t carry through on contracts. Grab the app so you don’t miss a single episode!

Are CEO’s Perplexed About Technology

Thanks for listening to The Waves of Tech, a finalist in the Tech category for the 2013 Podcast Awards. On this week’s show, we discuss the news that Nielsen will soon be collecting data from non-traditional sources and discuss the shift Disney is making toward distributing a new TV series to an app-only platform. In our main topic, we banter about the knowledge CEOs actually have about the technology their company endorses and the technology behind their products

Are High Tech Cars Driving You Crazy?

Cars, trucks, and SUVs are packed full of technological gadgets, features, buttons, and sensors these days that it’s sometimes hard to think that we can keep our mind and eyes focused on driving.  This week we are talking about whether or not your high tech car drives you crazy.

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