Apple Year In Review And Amazon Delivers Booze

We review the year that Apple had which involved a load of new product and services, unusual from the tech-consumer giant. We dive into the world of Amazon and how they are bringing booze to our doorsteps this holiday season. Next, a recent study has shown that some text messaging is being seen as “less sincere”.

Hackers Hit Sony And Rebuilding Trust With Tech Companies

This week on the Waves of Tech 245, hackers hit the Sony PlayStation Network just days after the Sony corporate network was hacked and caused a number of issues. The recent hack leads us into a conversation about gaining and losing trust with tech companies. To finish to show, we discuss texting turning 22 years old and the Orion Launch. Enjoy the episode and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Learning Costs And Breakthrough Life Sciences

We ask you a simple question – when was the last time you said “hey, what’s that?” We explore a host of tech news issues including Mac’s 30th birthday, the impact of net neutrality, texting while walking, Pinterest adds features, and Breakthrough Life Sciences. Thanks for checking out the podcast and we hope you continue to ride…the waves of tech!

Saturday Morning Cartoons and Texting While Driving

Availability of child content from Dave’s childhood to today’s on-demand lifestyle.  Also, we have a lengthy discussion on teenage texting while driving as compared to drunk driving.

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