Items babies will never know and Verizon iPhone

Things that 2011 babies will never know about.  Verizon introduces the iPhone into their family of phones.


Show Notes

1. Things Babies Born in 2011 Will Never Know

Think back 15, 20, or 25 years…have you ever wondered if there were things that we never knew about or how important they were to someone else. Well in 2011, items such as video tape, paper maps, dial-up Internet, travel agents and wired phones will be things of the past. Listen as we chime in on items that will be obsolete soon and discuss items that will stand the test of time.

2.Mac App Store

The Mac App store is an excellent addition to Apple OS family. We find out who’s been doing their research and who hasn’t this week as we open up the Mac App Store. The App Store opens up a host of new opportunities for Mac users and could prove to be very financial healthy for Apple and 3rd party developers.

3.Verizon iPhone announcement, Details, & AT&T Response
This week brought several comments about the iPhone joining the Verizon network. After Verizon missed its opportunity a few years back, Verizon is set to make a splash in the cell business with the iPhone. Verizon has a strong 3G network and was rated the 2nd best cell phone carrier domestically in 2010. We hope the move is beneficial to the consumer and not just the pocketbooks of these companies.

4.CES overview
First, thank you to all our listeners who tuned into our live CES 2011 stream. Please send us your thoughts on CES 2011. What is your favorite announcement from this year’s events? Were you disappointed or expected something else? Send us your thoughts at Thanks listeners!

5. iTunes: I’m not happy!
Steve is fuming over his recent interaction with the support of iTunes, as any rational person would be. Receiving forum posts from 2006 as a form of support is neither sufficient or professional in our eyes. Dave puts in his two cents and is not surprised by the lack of support. Apple misses the mark big-time this week.

Silicon Valley Tour search, Mozilla F1, Silicon Valley Tour and the White Pages

Show Notes

1. retires search has decided to throw in the towel regarding their search engine side of business. has slowly dropped to only 3.7% of the search engine market, behind the likes of Bing, Yahoo, and Google. This leaves 130 employees in New Jersey and China without jobs and allows to focus on their core competency, their humanistic question-and-answer service.

2. Verizon seeks permission to stop delivering White Pages

Verizon is going to soon approach the D.C. Public Service Commission about eliminating the delivery of their White Pages service in the states of Virginia and Maryland. Verizon plans to distribute the White Pages via CD-ROM or print upon request. As residential landlines continue to decline from year to year, Verizon looks to phase out an outdated service and advance their profit margins.

3.  Mozilla’s New F1 add-on

Mozilla has introduced a browser extension, F1, that allows you to share links in a fast, fun, and easy way. Integrate your Twitter feed, GMail, and Facebook status within your browser, from any webpage. The add-on is clean and molds neatly into your browser. Try it out Firefox users and let us know how you like it!

4.  Silicon Valley tour

I made a round robin trip to visit Apple, Google, Facebook and the TWiT Network.  Be sure and listen in and find out what I have to say.

Blog World Recap and New Apple Releases

Blog World recap, New Apple releases and non-profit protection

Show Notes

1. TPN Weekly

Be sure to check out TPN Weekly this week. The Waves of Tech recorded TPN #76 and had a blast doing it! Education, space, consumer devices, and the future are just a few topics the crew discussed in this week’s episode. Let us know what you think of the show!

2. Steve’s BlogWorld Experience

Steve had an amazing experience of attending BlogWorld in Las Vegas. Next year, Dave and Mikee will definitely be joining him because Steve had a blast. Meeting some great personalities such as Grammar Girl and Calli Lewis was just the start of what Steve reports on. Add to that, the laundry list of keynote speakers and it made for a great weekend in the Nevada desert.

3.Today’s Apple keynote

Steve and Mikee provide a solid breakdown as it applies to Apple’s keynote presentations on Wednesday. Dave sits back and enjoys the conversation. Devices and items discussed include: FaceTime for the Mac, iLife ‘11, Mac OS X Lion, the Mac App Store, and the newly designed MacBook Air. Tune in to see if you need to pick any of these up or if you are considering upgrading some existing software.

4.Verizon to sell Samsung Tab for $599.99

Verizon is going to be selling the latest tablet device by Samsung. The upcoming Galaxy Tab will sell for $599 or $630. With Verizon already announcing plans to sell the iPad next year, it’s definitely a questionable move on Samsung and Verizon’s part. Another dimension is that the Galaxy Tab is running the Android OS, an OS Google has stated as not great for a tablet device.

5.Microsoft protects nonprofit orgs from anti-piracy take down

Microsoft continues its international philanthropic approach to conducting business. Microsoft is going to be providing free and legit software licenses to nonprofits that current use pirated software. Is this a good move for Microsoft? Is Microsoft doing this for the PR benefits? The crew brings up some interesting points about piracy and helping nonprofits out.

FCC attempting to protect consumers from bill shock – QCE 9

Congratulations to the nation of Chile and the FCC is attempting to protect consumers from “bill shock.”

Video gaming, Overcharged customers, and the Gate’s

Video gaming, Overcharged customers, Home movies and the Gate’s.

Show Notes

1.The Video Gaming Industry: Nintendo vs. Playstation vs. iPad vs. Zynga

Nintendo to Miss Holiday Season
Nintendo’s highly anticipated 3D handheld video game machine (3DS) will miss the holiday shopping season in the US. Compound this announcement with declining sales of Wii console games and Nintendo has growing concern.

PlayStation Move
PlayStation obviously sees an opportunity to cash in on the motion sensor video gaming industry. PS recently introduced Move in a $100 bundle for those who already own a PS3 or $400 for a new system and the bundle.

iPad and Zynga
Target has begun selling the popular tablet in their stores with hopes of driving holiday traffic into Target stores. Amazon is now selling the iPad as well. Zynga continues to make progress with games such as Farmville and tremendous gift card sales.

2. Verizon To Pay Out $90 Million for Overcharging Customers

15 million Verizon Wireless users will see refunds of $2-$6 on their October or November statements. The FCC has received several complaints about mysterious charges regarding data usage or Internet access. The refund is one of the largest from a telecommunications company. Click here for a link on avoiding bogus mobile phone fees.

3. $30 for a new release movie at home? Studios think you’ll pay

The home entertainment business continues to reach new heights. The major movie studios are considering a deal that would place box-office hits in the home between the theater release date and the typical on-demand period. Is this $30 investment worth it for you? Does it fit your lifestyle?

4. Bill and Melinda Gates: $60 Billion Donation

The question is not “What would you do with $1 million?” The real question is “What would you do with $60 billion?” Listen in to hear what Bill and Melinda have decided to do with their amassed fortune. This is an amazing story folks.


iPhone 4 Review, and AT&T vs. Verizon

This week on Waves of Tech: iPhone 4 review, AT&T vs. Verizon, Yelp Class Action Lawsuit and Windows XP SP2 support to end.

Show Notes

1. iPhone review

2. AT&T vs. Verizon: iPhone

3. Yelp – Class action suit

4. Support for Windows XP SP2 and Windows 2000 Ends July 13, 2010

5. 3D TV?

6. Microsoft publicly releases Windows 7 SP1 beta

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