Reinventing Microsoft and Why Politicians Love Twitter

This week we splash into the reinvention of Microsoft and the reason politicians love Twitter. We start the show by talking about Microsoft. Microsoft is set to release a host of new products focused on one feature – creating and building a Microsoft user ecosystem. Also, politicians find the power of Twitter intoxicating and for one primary reason – tweets drive campaign donations. Join us as we dive into the realm of reinvention and political technology in this week’s episode.

NetFlix On XBox 360 Facelift And Mobile App Development

Discussion focusing on mobile app development for local government and breakdown the latest facelift NetFlix has on the XBox 360.

Chevy Volt Strikes Lightening

iPad 2 predictions, Angry Birds, Chevy Volt mileage, next generation 911 and Tech with religion

Show Notes

There have been many rumors flying around the webs about a potential iPad2 release in January 2011. The next iPad is rumored to have a new screen, new touch technology, and a lighter design. Apple may be targeting a new group of consumers in this bold move. debates whether this potential move is too early for Apple to make….or is the timing just right?

2. Angry Birds slingshotting to PS3, XBox 360, Wii
ANGRY BIRDS!!!!! The ever so popular smartphone game is reported by the BBC to be making the jump to the PS3, XBox360, and Wii gaming consoles. Will the Angry Birds developer Rovio find success in this bigger market? Something to think about…Angry Birds is so successful because the game is dirt cheap. Only 99 cents to 2 bucks in the various app stores.

3. Chevy Volt to pull combined 60 miles per gallon
The Chevy Volt is garnishing tons of attention in the domestic auto industry. The Volt is sleek, stylish, and modern. More significantly, the Volt is one the first truly domestic product to be released. GM, attempting to battle the Toyota Prius, is set to release the strongest competition in the alternative energy vehicle industry to date. Steve brings up some interesting points as far as indirect costs associated with these vehicles.

4. “Next Generation 9-1-1” would accept emergency text messages
The 911 system attends to nearly 237 million calls every year. That’s around 500,000 calls a day! It is estimated that integrating emergency texting into the national 911 system would run around $80 billion. The crew discusses the pros and cons of a text-based 911 option. What are your thoughts on the topic? Good for public safety or opens the system to more abuse?

5. Tech and Religion
Steve and Dave have a brief conversation on the changing world of tech and religion. The Bible can now be streamed through iPads, iPod touches, and netbooks. More and more churches services are being streamed online or through ITV, reaching a different audience at the same time. Sermons are being duplicated into podcasts and there are apps for podcast sermons. One again, tech is influencing every element of our lives.

6. Mikee’s first touch of the Samsung Focus W7
Mikee took control of a Microsoft employee’s W7 phone and gave it a little test drive of sorts. What were Mikee’s impressions…positive, negative, or indifferent? Tune in as Mikee provides a brief rundown of the feel, look, functionality, and usability of the latest Samsung Focus W7 Phone.

Office 2010, XBox, and News Corp

Droid market share, Office 2010 public beta, Google and News Corp, HP Acquires 3Com , Microsoft disconnects XBox gamers

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