Happy Birthday Apple and Customer Service Concerns

We follow up on many of the stories and headlines we’ve covered over the past few shows. First though, we have to say Happy Birthday to Apple, who turns 40 this week. The FBI is making a statement to the tech industry by promising to share with other law enforcement agencies how they unlocked iPhones. Related, Apple is unwilling to help a father unlock his deceased son’s phone so that he can have pictures and videos of his final days. We finish out the show by discussing a potential bid from Time Inc for Yahoo and share our concerns with the latest in poor customer support in the tech industry.

Resources For Disaster Preparedness

Advancements in technology and communications allow for each individual or groups to prepare for unfortunate disasters. Are you prepared or require assistance? Dave and Steve discuss information sources and technology applications to help.

Do You Yahoo, Project Glass and Digital Donating

Do You Yahoo?, Google’s newest venture – Project Glass, and Digital Donating Made Easy

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