Target Revamps Electronics and Netflix Just Wins

Target RedesignOn Episode 327 of The Waves of Tech, we again dive into the tech news that influences our lives and shares those stories in depth.  Target has been in process of revamping their electronics and entertainment departments in an attempt to capture more tech sales and diversify their product selection.  After a week of using iOS 10, we share our personal pros and cons of the new mobile operating giant.  There are clearly great features but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.  Netflix reported amazing growth in domestic and international subscribers and it’s all thanks to their push to provide original programming.  And finally, we share a story of a air passenger refusing to give up his Galaxy Note 7 and is escorted off a plane.  Enjoy Episode 327 and continue to ride…the waves of tech!

Target Electronics Section

In 2014, Target made a commitment to test a new design and layout of their electronics and entertainment departments in select stores.  The decision was in response to slumping tech sales, a fragmented presentation of tech products, and an attempt to capture the buying habits of more in-store customers.  We are now seeing these changes in the stores with more attention given to discovery tables to highlights specific products from Target vendors, a consolidation of kids-based tech products, and a focus on accessories for the tech users.  The new look should help Target capture more revenue as sales have been less than stellar over the past years.

Apple iOS 10 Impressions

We both have iOS 10 downloaded to our phones.  And after a week or two using it, we each have our pros and cons of the new mobile operating system.  Some things we like about iOS 10 – the cleanup of notifications, the email threading feature, the personalization of the Touch & Go screen, and the widgets options.  And some of the things we dislike – the campy and bouncy flavor of iOS 10, the lack of bug fixes, the native Maps app, and the childish nature of the new Messages app.  We dissect why Apple made these changes and what it means to you and us.

Netflix Just Keeps Winning

Without question, Netflix continues to make massive amounts of money and progress in the on-demand video industry.  Netflix recently announced the addition of roughly 3.2 million new international subscribers and 370,000 new USA-based subscribers.  Their revenue projections beat Wall Street predictions.  The on-demand giant is contributing their success to their original programming being offered.  People are flocking to Netflix to get the latest and greatest content, such as Stranger Things, Narcos, House of Cards, and the Amanda Knox Documentary.  Netflix is truly changing the landscape of media, becoming the Google of the on-demand industry.

Feds Ban Galaxy Note 7 From Air Transportation

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is still making headlines!  Now, the Department of Transportation in the United States has officially banned the fire-prone device from air travel.  The DOT is requiring the Note 7 to be confiscated and not allowing passengers to travel with the item, for very obvious reasons.  One of our good friends, Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central, had a front row seat to a passenger that refused to give up his Note 7 and was eventually removed from the airplane for not cooperating with security and airline protocols.  People do themselves no favors sometimes!

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