How Much Do Tech Companies Make Per Second?

tech valueOn Episode 295 of The Waves of Tech, we throw in a good variety of tech news for you this week.  A new Super Bowl record is set for streaming, demonstrating a shift in how consumers are watching sports.  Ever curious how much money companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Twitter are making per second?  Well, we have the answer for you.  Drones strike again in New York City.  This time a drone strikes the Empire State Building during a film session.  To end the show, we share a story of contacting a local police department via social media to gain a faster response time and how Chipotle is utilizing social media and texting to help rebuild their image.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

The Super Bowl Breaks a Streaming Record

CBS had the honoring of hosting this year’s Super Bowl clash between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers.  As many sat down in their living rooms with friends and family, other were traveling or working.  For those people, streaming the Super Bowl was the best option.  CBS has announced that online streaming numbers associated with various network apps, NFL apps, and Roku and Apple TV systems surpassed previous records set from last year.  We continue to experience the evolution of traditional media to new media values, where consumers get their content wherever and however they want.

How much money Apple, Google and Facebook are making every single second

We all have an hourly rate at work.  Well, have you ever wondered how much tech companies are making every hour?  What about every second?  Now you can with the latest information portal thanks to Penny Stocks Lab.  Apple is the clear front runner, but we can also look at the likes of Skype, LinkedIn, Twitter (which is not doing well), XBox, Netflix, and many more.  It’s amazing to consider the shift in the companies generating millions of dollars of revenue and profit compared to 20 years ago.  It truly demonstrates the shift in consumer values and spending habits of the international market.

NJ Man Arrested After Crashing Drone Into Empire State Building

2015 was the year of the drone and 2016 seems to be starting with a similar tone.  The Federal Aviation Administration made drastic and substantial progress in 2015 to track, monitor, fine, and spotlight the issues facing public safety and safety in the air ways.  A filmmaker in NYC struck the 40th floor of the Empire State Building and resulted in the individual being charged with two counts and being put through a background check by local police.  Thankful no one was hurt in the situation as the drone comfortable landed on a 35th floor balcony.  We hope to hear less and less of these stories in 2015.

Facebook, Break-in, Police Response

One of Dave’s co-workers experienced a break-in which resulted in the theft of some personal items and a semi-automatic handgun.  Once the co-worker realized the gun was stolen, she immediately contacted local police to report.  After some time had passed without a response, she went to Facebook as a method of reaching out generating a quick response.  Well it worked and within a few minutes local police were at her doorstep.  Just a cool story of how police and citizens are communicating in the age of social media.

Chipotle Text for Burritos

Want a free burrito?  Well, it’s probably too late for you but Dave did!  Chipotle, the popular mexican-style food joint, suffered some financial and image setbacks the past few months.  After have a viral and E. Coli scare in their restaurants, they have taken to social media and text messaging to right the way.  The store was upfront about the issues and shared that the stores would close company-wide for on all staff training session.  Moreover, Chipotle gave out free burritos using text messaging!  This process continues to demonstrate the ways in which modern companies can reach their clients and non-clients than the traditional means of the past.

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