Tech Flops and Drones Interfere With Firefighting

Welcome to Episode 274 of The Waves of Tech.  Thanks for downloading the podcast.  Be sure to share it with a friend too!  On this week’s podcast, we dive into the growth and demand of Netflix and how hobby drone flight is interfering with firefighting efforts across the nation.  We stroll down memory lane and revisit some of the biggest tech flops in recent memory.  Finally, we explore the monumental pictures being taken of Pluto, 4 billion miles away.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech!


The Growth of Netflix and future Netflix Price Increase

Netflix continues to impress, both the industry leaders and Wall Street investors.  Netflix now boasts 65 million subscribers, 42 million in the USA and 23 million abroad.  CEO Reed Hastings has announced an investment of $5 billion into their Netflix Originals productions, building off the momentum of House of Cards and Orange is The New Black.  Of course, this will come with a rate increase for subscribers.  We dissect the future escalating prices.

Drones Interfere with California Firefighting Measures

We have talked several times about the risk and dangers associated with hobby drone flight.  The FAA continues to develop policies that serve to protect the air stream, while providing rules for hobby drone fanatics.  During recent firefighting efforts in Southern California, helicopters and emergency response air personnel were grounded for 20 minutes.  Why you ask?  Five drones were flying in restricted air space.  We discuss what can be done about this.

Tech Flops for Business Insider

We take a stroll down memory lane and visit some of the biggest tech flops from the mid 1990s to those of just a few years back.  Do you remember the Apple Newton in 1993?  How about the portable music player by Motorola called the ROKR?  Or even the TwitterPeek?  Those are some lesser named products but our list also includes Microsoft Zune, Microsoft Kin, and the Nexus Q.

Pictures of Pluto

Can we all just sit back and take a second to realize the amazing time that we live in?  In just short of 60 years, US space exploration has taken us from the moon to the Space Shuttle program, and from the International Space Station to Pluto.  Yes, Pluto!  Pluto is nearly 4 billion miles away from Earth and we are now seeing pictures via our smartphones.  Without question, this is an impressive feat.  Remember to put the scale of this achievement in your memory bank.

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