Tech Influences In Music, Google Trips And Waze Parking

carrie-underwood-concertOn Episode 325 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into the technology influence in live music and how that influence is creating a more exciting and enjoyable concert-going experience.  If you plan to travel anytime soon, check out the latest crowdsourced Google Trips application.  The Galaxy Note 7 replacement program is in full swing and participation has not been very high, bringing Samsung’s problems to a new level.  And finally, Waze has partnered with Inrix to help their users find parking with ease.  Thanks for tuning in and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Technology in Music

Steve and the family went to a Carrie Underwood concert last week.  In true tech fashion, everyone was noticing the technological influence on the concert going experience.  This includes the use of wireless instrumentation, movable platforms, using a stage lighting, and the increasingly growing size and amount of sound boards.  The integration of technology into the concert and stage presence has provided a more enjoyable experience for so many.

Google launches a personalized travel planner, Google Trips

Planning a trip?  Want to find out some of the hidden gems of your international destination?  You may want to check out and download Google Trips, the latest crowdsourced travel app to guide and assist travelers with planning their adventures.  You can plan out day-to-day events, make reservations at local bars and restaurants, find the local tourism gems, and keep track of your flight itineraries.  Google wants this to be your one-stop shop for travelling and they’ve created something that makes that very plausible.

Get your Note 7 replacement

On Monday, Samsung allowed those in South Korea to being replacing the heavily plagued Galaxy Note 7.  Well…the return program has seen limited engagement from users in Seoul.  Starting on Wednesday in the States, you can head over to your cell phone carrier and get your Note 7 replacement.  This is the culmination of a very troubling and expensive venture from Samsung, as they continue to battle bad press and consumer reports of battery explosions.

Stop Circling: Waze Update Helps You Find a Parking Spot

We all know parking in town or while travelling is troublesome.  It’s stressful, expensive, and often times very frustrating.  Waze has partnered with Inrix, a connected car and movement analytics company, to provide added parking features to their users.  Waze is updating their “Where to Park” feature, giving drivers and travellers the ability to find local parking with ease.  We are big proponents of this update.  The update should save drivers time and money overall, as reports state that drivers waste 55 hours a year finding parking and over $600 million in gas alone!

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