Creating a Better Tech Life in 2020

On Episode 473 of the Waves of Tech, we are finishing off the decade with a great discussion on how technology influences every sector of your lives. The new year is a great opportunity to create a better tech-based life which includes focusing on security, data backup, and trimming down the subscriptions. The Consumer Electronics Shows takes over Las Vegas and much of the attention will be on virtual reality growth, algorithmic personalization, digital privacy, and digital health growth. Lastly, Tesla drivers were stuck waiting hours for a charging system in the central and southern coasts of California as a winter storm complicated holiday travel plans.

Creating a Better Tech Life in 2020

The new year is upon us! And it’s time we gave some thought to some minor changes we can make to create a healthier and safer digital life in 2020. With the holiday breaks finishing up, be sure to take the time to make some subtle yet important moves. The most important move you can start with is backing up your data, photos, and files both locally and in the cloud.

  • Update all firmware, software, and virus protection across all devices and services
  • Clean up old applications in your phone and personal computing units
  • Trim down on the subscription boxes and streaming services you have on the books
  • Change all passwords or look into a password manager option

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) hits Las Vegas

January is a big month in the technology industry. CES takes center stage in Las Vegas. The event will prove to be interesting simply based on the fact that the tech sector took major hits in the headlines regarding security, data breaches, and personal information gathering. Every year we are simultaneously impressed and unimpressed by what is put on display.

  • Expect digital health to continue to grow in presence and popularity this event
  • Personalization driven by artificial intelligence will take a huge step forward
  • Smart home integration and bluetooth enabled devices gather attention
  • Look for sensory wellness – ways to integrate tech without disrupting life balance

Tesla Drivers Stuck Waiting for Hours

The central and southern areas of California were recently inundated with an incredibly powerful winter storm that brought about rain, snow, road closures, and stranded passengers. Most notable, hundreds of Tesla owners were stuck waiting nearly 4 hours in line to recharge their systems. Many are calling for changes from Tesla while others say it was simply a fluke.

  • Multiple freeway closures forced drivers to detour, clogging up charging stations
  • Tesla owners say travelling during holidays in the worst because of the demand
  • Normal travel routes in California do not cause problems for Tesla owners in general
  • Every tech subject has its limitations, positives, drawbacks, and benefits

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