Tech Savvy Government And Are Movies Memorable

Tech Savvy Government And Are Movies Memorable?

Show Notes

Welcome in to another episode of Waves of Tech. We have another tech loaded show which we hope stirs conversation and feedback. We start with some very interesting stories of what government is doing in terms of becoming tech savvy. This includes the country of Iceland going digital in an effort to create a new constitution and the ICE nabbing $15 million from a pirated software account. And of course, the battle of Netflix vs. Cable companies emerges. How will win out? And, have we lost the experience, the energy, and the memories of movies in the age of instant content streaming? We finish out with some Facebook conversation and the new edition Google has added to PC Chrome users. Enjoy the show as you continue to ride….the waves of tech.

1. Tech-savvy Iceland’s online Constitution

2. Hawaii needs a tech upgrade

3. ICE nabs $15 million in pirated software account

4. Are movies as memorable in the age of Netflix and instant streaming?

5. Facebook turn around

6. Google launches voice search for PC Chrome users

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