A Growing Tech Talent Gap

On Episode 430 of the Waves of Tech, we are covering the latest news and notes that you need to know about.  A growing concern is sprouting in the technology industry as many hiring managers are finding a talent gap between what’s needed and what applicants can provide.  National Geographic has produced an excellent DocuSeries – Valley of the Boom – revisiting the history of Netscape and web browsing. Many federal government websites are set to have their security status expires as the shutdown lingers on in the United States.  Trusting cloud storage is a risk and when Google Drive folders cannot be located, the anxiety can quickly set in. Thanks for tuning in and don’t forget to keep on techin’

Tech Talent Gap of Technical Skills

A recent survey from Modis and General Assembly, taken between November and December 2018, shows a growing concern from technical hiring managers within the technology industry.  Many surveyed stated 2 in 5 applicants are failing to meet the baseline skills for work in the engineering, cloud, data, and security enterprise sector. This is concerning.

  • Hiring of qualified talent is a gap that cannot be sustained for future growth
  • Soft skills (critical observation, problem solving) were notably absent from applicants
  • 67% of respondents shows plans to increase employee headcount in 2019
  • Education, certification, skill sets, job history, experience all factor into equation

Valley of the Boom, DocuSeries from NatGeo

National Geographic has really stepped up their television production over the past few years, including a new series on the rise of Netscape and the battles that erupted in the early days of the browser industry.  The series highlights some of the significant history and characters behind the birth, growth, and fall of the once popular web browser.

  • Failures, friendships, battles, and victories are covering in the series
  • Information of TheGlobe.com provides additional history and background to the story
  • Michael Fenne, a well known but perhaps forgotten talent, takes center stage
  • This is a great story and a much needed story to be shared for generations

HTTPS Concerns on Hundreds of Government Sites

So yes, the United States federal government is still not operating at its fullest capacity due to a partial shutdown.  Many sites are unavailable during the shutdown, as we covered in last week’s episode.  Some TechCrunch staff dig some digging and realized that these are several federal HTTPS websites that’ll expire soon.  Some concern is growing around this news.

  • Five (5) federal domains have already expired, with more on the way of course
  • Thirteen domains will expire by the end of January, 58 domains by the end of February
  • It will take some time before sites begin locking users out & throwing errors
  • The lack of integration and continuity is severely lacking in website management

Google Drive Folder Goes Missing

Have you ever opened a cloud account to find some of your much needed documents and presentations gone?  Well that happened recently to Dave’s wife, Anaya, and her Google Drive. Unknowingly, an entire folder of contents were missing yet 80% of the files were located in the Drive account.  Strange things happen in the cloud business.

  • Very important to remember to always have a localized backup available
  • The thought that cloud storage is one hundred percentage safe is off base
  • Utilize the resources you have to locate presentations that some have downloaded
  • The inability to call anyone at Google makes the panic set in a bit sooner

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