Tech-xpectations – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Tech-xpectationsOn Episode 347 of The Waves of Tech, we are talking all about tech-xpectations today – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the future.  There are a tons of expectations when it comes to the tech industry, ranging from for users, businesses, companies, and so many more.  In this episode, we dive into the tech-xpectations to be extremely responsive to phone calls and texts, the expectation for quick service from IT professionals, and users expectations of free services.  We further discuss the expectation for the protection of our personal information online and how we are now living in the age of limited and throttled data.  Finally, looking into the future and what consumers are expecting, we dive into the live streaming of sporting events online, the advancement of classroom technology, and the rise of competitive video gaming.  Thanks for tuning in!  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

Tech-xpectations – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Future

There is so much expectation of there for users, consumers, and business in this strange and amazing state of the technology industry.  Let’s dissect some of our tech-xpectations!

Free Services

We live in a world of instant gratification and have been trained that services and platforms should be available 24-7, without hitch or issues.  When free services, such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and the like go down, we have a sense of loss and frustration.  We should expect services to go down here and there.  To expect perfection, is an unrealistic tech-xpectation.

Quick response on emails, texts, and phone calls

We are surrounding by notifications, buzzes, alerts, chimes, noises, and other distractions.  We have given into the idea that a notification or alert needs to be the priority, when in fact it does not.  Many have bought into the idea of the need to quickly respond to texts and answer the phone immediately when it rings.

Quick IT Response in office of 500

When many of us have a cell phone or personal computing office, we usually call a buddy or family member with expertise in the field.  Most times, our friends help us out right then and there.  Well, it’s not the same for IT Professionals that manage anywhere from 10 to 500 user accounts.  We need to stop expecting tech support to answer our requests within minutes and understand the structure of how the IT system works.

For Companies to Protect our Information

This tech-xpectation is a difficult one.  On one hand, we expect companies to protect our sensitive and personal information, which is within our right to expect.  On another hand, companies expect you to continue to buy their products by keeping your information safe.  But on another hand, cyber threats and security breaches are at an all-time high.  We cannot expect a complete and absolute safe and secure browsing experience in 2017.

Age of Throttled and Limited Data

Many mobile telecommunication firms are touting unlimited.  Read the fine print and we find out unlimited comes with, what for it, limitations.  We have to know expect that infrastructure cannot support free unlimited, unbridled access without restrictions.  We get caught up in watching videos online, streaming on-demand services, and accessing our social media whenever and wherever.  Data caps and throttling is here to stay and let’s expect and accept that fact.

Classroom Technology Continues to Advance

Getting into the future and those tech-xpectations, we dive into the evolution of technology in the classroom.  With the rate of innovation and design in the tech industry, it is without question that tech is taking grip in education.  Many schools are now 1-to-1 computing for students, with classes and workshops in programming, design, website building, and more.  STEM programs are on the rise and children, teachers, and administrators are reaping the benefits.

Streaming Options for Sporting Events

Let’s be honest with ourselves and say that sports enthusiasts are quite a demanding bunch of individuals.  There is a lot of tech-xpectation from them.  The NFL is now partnered with Twitter to livestream Thursday night games.  Major League Soccer and UniVision are partnered to broadcast soccer matches via Facebook Live on a regular basis.  The March Madness app is beyond popular this time of year.  We can expect to see more partnerships breed in the future.

Competitive Video Gaming

If you haven’t heard, live competitive video gaming is on a drastic slide up the popularity and revenue scale for gamers and businesses.  There is a market of interest out there from gamers and viewers of live gaming which companies and gamers alike are profiting from.  Expect the gaming industry to capitalize off this trend.  There are forecasts that live competitive gaming with pass the $1.5 billion mark within a 5-year period.

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