Resources For Disaster Preparedness

Advancements in technology and communications allow for each individual or groups to prepare for unfortunate disasters. Are you prepared or require assistance?  Dave and Steve discuss information sources and technology applications to help.

Self Check-out

It’s the trend of many companies to change the labor force of one run by humans to one run by computers.  One such case is the upward presence of self check-out machines at grocery stores, department stores, and hardware stores.  In our experience, the self check-out method has proven to be frustrating, aggravating, and counter productive.  The frustration and stress level rises when you cannot get the machine to do what you want and a store clerk has to punch his or her “secret code” in to remedy the situation.  We are sure we are not only in sharing our frustrations.

Yahoo Acquisitions

Since Marissa Mayer’s CEO appointment nearly 16 months ago, Yahoo has made a flurry of company purchases.  These companies range from the smaller gaming and content sites to the larger social media sites such as Tumblr.  In looking at the acquisitions, Yahoo has focused on four areas – Gaming, Social, Video/Conference Calling, and Core Content.  Many of the companies has dissolved but Yahoo has retained the engineering and managerial talent from this companies.  More importantly, Yahoo holds the power of the engineering and computer science behind each of these companies and their product.

Safety and Disaster

Disaster and emergency will happen.  It’s a matter of time and we have to be prepared.  Many of us, unfortunately, lack in the preparation for such events.  There are a host of technological resources available for us to learn from, help us prepare, and move us toward emergency response.  There is a media campaign titled Text First. Talk Second. which promotes the message of communicating with family and friends during emergencies via text first rather jumping to making that phone call.  There are a host of webinars and podcasts available that teachers, families, and business owners can listen to as a way of preparing.  Let’s not forget the power of our mobile devices, where we can get apps that help us through emergency situations.


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