Technology While on Vacation

On Episode 530 of the Waves of Tech, we are back after a short vacation and break from the real world. Speaking of vacation, we dive into technology used on vacation and share what was useful and what to avoid. GM finally issued a significant software update to address the battery pack fire issue that raised much attention in 2020. On a somber note, Bill and Melinda Gates announced their pending divorce and the questions are swirling as to the impact this will have on the technology industry and The Gates Foundation. Apple releases a new product lineup and we share some of the items that caught our attention overall.

Technology While on Vacation

Vacation is a great opportunity to break from the day to day, including the use of technology. However, tech is always so helpful and integral to vacation planning and organizing. It’s always fun to share what tech was used and why. During a recent trip to Palm Springs, here are a few things we found exceptionally useful.

  • CarPlay is considerably helpful for a hands free experience and touch enabled systems
  • AllTrails provide offline layers and navigation tools to keep hikers safe and on-route
  • RokuTV in the Airbnb was unexpected, but don’t forget to log out of your accounts
  • WiFi was a priority when conducting a few remote work Zoom meetings

General Motors Issues Software Update

In 2020, GM recalled thousands of Chevy Bolts due to an issue associated with battery packs catching fire. After some short term software fixes along with a battery reduction strategy, the automobile manufacturer formally released an “advanced onboard diagnostic software.” The update allows the car to detect performance problems that develop during driving.

  • Strange to think that software can now dictate the battery system, reduce fire hazards
  • 5 fires in the United States and 12 fires in Korea sparked great concern to drivers
  • Battery development is key as multiple makers use similar battery systems and designs
  • Important to note electric/battery vehicle are youthful in development and operation

Bill & Melinda Gates Announce Divorce

Personal relationships are often not discussed on the podcast; however, the Gates Family have been a pinnacle and presence in the industry for decades. After 27 years of marriage, Bill and Melinda are divorcing but plan to continue working on philanthropy and larger global health and equity initiatives. Technology today is due in large part to the Gates’ vision.

  • Melinda worked for a decade at Microsoft in product design, multimedia management
  • The Gates Foundation announced that no significant changes would result
  • Melinda focuses heavily on solving problems facing women and families globally
  • Bill continues his service to health equity, vaccine development, and philanthropy

2021 Apple Products

Mac heads were treated this last week to some new products to quench their thirst. All the latest Apple products are built with the M1 chips, which is highly anticipated by users. The hardware giant thrilled many users by adding some color flare to the iMacs while maintaining the historic and modern sleek, grey colors and vibe to the iPad Pro.

  • AirTag is a new item, to help with those that continually lose keys, purses, wallets, etc.
  • Arcade now offers over 180 finely designed games with weekly additions for $5/month
  • AppleTV 4K with redesigned remote will be a hot seller for those looking to upgrade
  • 24” iMacs are offered in seven color schemes and updates speakers and microphones

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