Television Consumer Freedom Act & T-Mobile’s Jump Plan

How often do we see tech-related, game-changing legislation in the news?  Not very often and that is why we discuss the TV Consumer Freedom Act of 2013 on this week’s The Waves of Tech podcast.  The battle will soon be set between cable companies and TV networks.  Find out the details and join the conversation as we breakdown the proposed legislation by Senator McCain.

McCain and NFL Blackouts & Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013

For many years, cable companies have provided “packages” to cable subscribers, a way of providing a host of shows at a single fee rate.  And for many years, cable subscribers have wondered why they are paying so much for a package and only consuming content on a very limited scale within that package.  Senator McCain looks to change that by introducing legislation that would provide an “a-la-carte” option for cable subscribers.  This is going to create a huge battle in the network and cable industries, as the market between these two are estimated to be at $2.36 billion in 2013 and pushing $6 million in five years.  Get our thoughts on the matter.  What are your thoughts?

T-Mobile Jump (Just Upgrade My Phone) Plan

At first glance, T-Mobile’s newest JUMP Plan would appear to be a game changer as well: have the option to upgrade your phone every six months for a small $10 monthly fee.  Well after doing some math and looking at the details of the plan, this plan is far from being a game changer.  Not say it’s a bad deal, it’s just a plan that is niche to a market of users looking to swap phones every six months without having to pay the expensive price of cell phones.  Find out some other reasons why T-Mobile’s JUMP Plan, in our opinion, will be less than profitable and popular in the industry.


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