Tesla’s Supercharger Stations And Why Alexa Didn’t Light Up During Super Bowl

The US Justice Department is charging two individuals for their involvement in a highly organized ATM jackpotting scheme for being in possession of over $9,000 cash and devices using for hacking.  On the way to Vegas, Tesla has constructed another massive Supercharge power station for its consumers and they continue to build a network of electrical infrastructure.  If you are curious why your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot did not trigger during the Super Bowl ad it’s because Amazon uses digital fingerprinting and audible command filtering technology to fix the potential interruption.  During the Super Bowl, social media ruined a lot of the buzz, enjoyment, and entertainment.  We share our thoughts on the state of social media and the negatives consequences of the platform.  And finally, a Russian spam kingpin is being held in Federal court after Apple assisted agents with information from the hackers iCloud account.

US Justice Department Charges Suspects of Jackpotting

Last week we shared the news of a new ATM hacking scheme that criminals are using to jackpot ATM.  The concept is to use tools and devices to trick an ATM into shooting out piles of cash during a withdrawal.  The US Justice Department has charged two men that were found with $9,000 cash and several tools used in the criminal scheme.

  • Criminals are using basic home tools and devices to rob bank and financial institutions
  • Heists are being orchestrated from the GUlf Coast to the New England areas
  • This is likely connected to a well known international crime syndicate

Tesla Continues to Build a Number of Supercharger Station

On his road trip to Vegas, Steve notices a massive electrical charging station in the very small road stop of Baker, California.  Tesla has constructed a massive charging station, powered by several hundred solar panels, for drivers to ensure enough juice to get from city to city.

  • This is the fourth such supercharging station in California with many more planned
  • Owners of Tesla’s find the pull-through stations convenience and ease to locate
  • On average, it costs about $10 per full charge at a charging station
  • Many of these stations nationwide have lounges and food services as well

Why Didn’t Alexa Light Up During the Super Bowl

During Amazon’s Alexa Super Bowl ad, which was incredibly funny and well received, nobody’s home smart speaker turned on and caused interruption.  Why is that?  In September 2014, Amazon filed a patent for audible command filtering that prevents Alexa from waking up as part of a broadcast watched by a large population.  Amazon also used “acoustic fingerprinting technology that can distinguish between the ad and actual customer utterances.”  Bloomberg link incorporated below.  These technologies allow Amazon to control Alexa’s use by change the frequency in which Alexa is used; therefore, no annoying interruptions are caused during the broadcast of an Amazon commercial.

Social Media is Ruining Everything, Nothing is Fun Anymore

The Super Bowl was laced with entertaining commercials, an exciting halftime show, and some great football.  If you went to social media, Twitter specifically as many of us did, you would have experienced an entirely different vibe and feeling.  Social media is ripping the enjoyment, entertainment, and pleasure out any major events.

  • Everything is seen as a political, social, or religious statement, even if it’s not
  • Everything broadcasted is twisted, slanted, and perverted to meet some agenda
  • Add news reporting, radio commentary, podcast editorials to the equation as well
  • Culturally, this is a very concerning moment in our lives and technology is not helping

We All Hate Spammers…and Now One is Behind Bars

Listed as one of the ten worst spammers in the world, Russian spam kingpin Peter Levashov is behind bars in the United States thanks in part to a coordinate effort between law enforcement and Apple.  Apple, whom is historically very protective of personal data and information, played a very unexpected role in bringing Levashov to justice.  In addition, Apple was placed under a legal gag order which prevented them from sharing specific details about the case

  • Levashov’s iCloud account served as a major tracking point during the investigation
  • The iCloud account registered an IP address to a server in Luxembourg
  • Server recorded dates times during sessions connected to spamming schemes
  • US Federal agents have been surveilling the iCloud account since May 2016


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