The Textalyzer And Yahoo For Sale

TextalyzerOn Episode 304 of The Waves of Tech, we cover many stories making headlines and also some from the back pages of the digital sphere.  First, we discuss the latest device in law enforcement – the Textalyzer, which can determine whether a phone was in use during an accident.  Next, Steve discussed his reasons for cancelling DirecTV and changing providers.  In closing, we discuss the impending Yahoo sale, the need for brick-and-mortar computer stores, and some tech related wedding stories.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech


We have all heard of the Breathalyzer, right?  The handy device that detects blood alcohol level of an individual has been used for decades by law enforcement and police.  A new device is on the market – The Textalyzer.  And yes, you guessed it.  The device allows law enforcement to plug your phone into the device and it analyzes to see if you’ve used your phone while driving.  Ultimately, if a police officer feels reasonable cause that an accident or incident occurred because you were distracted, the device may be used.  Interesting…

Steve cancelled Directv & Funny video about cancelling

Cable subscription packaging can be pricey.  It can become even more pricey as price creep kits in.  As we see a number of small fees increase the overall cost of service, many of us may want to reconsider the provider or even cancel service.  That’s exactly what Steve did!  Steve had left DirecTV and bundled internet, phone, and cable service into one package and is saving over $1200 a year now.  Is it time for you to make the switch as well?

Yahoo hinting at sale

We’ve discussed the sale of Yahoo for three consecutive weeks and for good cause.  The once popular tech firm is looking to sell its core business dealing, including web services and digital advertising revenue.  Yahoo recently filed new paperwork with the SEC and modified the language related to severance packaging, opening the day for questions about potential layoffs in the future and the dim expectancy of executives to last through a buy-out.

Coworker Search for Laptop

Dave had a lengthy conversation with a coworker related to what laptop would work for the family and more specifically her child’s school duties.  Initially the coworker was simply looking at price and low model products, which is fine if you are relatively crunched for cash.  Couple that with the desire to only order online and not visit a brick-and-mortar, the options were a bit more limiting.  Check out what we suggest as we provide some insight into the current state of purchasing laptops.

Wedding Tech Stories

And finally, Dave got married in late March and held a wedding reception party last weekend.  Some interesting tech topics came up during the event.  One being that a few of his guests asked if there would be point-and-shoot disposable cameras on each of the tables, a very old school wedding tradition that has faded out since smartphones have been around.  Also, the use of a hashtag to share and live the event through the eyes of friends and family creates a fun way to engage and connect with your guests.

New Facebook Page

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