The End of a Technology Era

This week on the Waves of Tech, we cover plenty of topics to fill your tech cravings. We kick the show off with a story of the final typewriter factory closing and what it meant to the tech industry. The debate continues between the value and utility of Apple’s closed app system verses Android’s open app system. This is a great topic of discussion. Next, we explore the next steps in energy efficiency as the movement toward LED lighting and CFLs is upon us. Then, it’s about security in the next segment. Is there a safe way to surf and what are the odds of infection by visiting sites hosting illegal content? We conclude the show with a discussion of the Apple & Microsoft tracking news of the previous week and the fallout from the Sony PlayStation Network hacking. Join us, as we ride….the waves of tech!

Show Notes

1. Last typewriter factory closes
Yes, you read the tagline correctly. The last typewriter factory has closed in India this week, selling their final 800 units to a business. Typewriters revolutionized the word processing industry and created a new place in the workforce for women during its introduction. With the evolution of PCs & word processing software, there is no longer a need for typewriters. Feel the nostalgia with this discussion.

2. Open vs Closed App System
Apple has a closed app system whereas Android boosts an open app system. A recent app titled “Dog Wars” offers users a chance to build a dynasty of dog fighting. Many animal rights advocates argue that the app should be removed from Android’s open market. On the other hand, freedom of speech proponents say let it stand and let the users download what they will. We debate the value and utility of the open verse closed system in place from three different perspectives.

3. Incandescent bulbs on their way out
The age of energy efficiency is here and its time for us to start doing our part. In 2007, Congress passed an energy dependency bill that eventually ban the use of energy wasting incandescent bulbs. With new technology in CFLs, LEDs, and halogen lighting, we will soon see our energy costs drop and experience a cleaner environment. We have to say, “It’s about time!” Get all the phase-out details here.

4. Sites hosting illegal content: Are you at risk?
Security, security, security. Yes, we’ve heard it all before and we get to hear it again. We are always at risk when browsing the Internet. But are we more at risk when it comes to visiting sites that host illegal content such as pirated movies, music, and software? It’s also a good time to remind us to secure our wireless router as a man suspected of child porn was arrested for not doing so. Security should be a main concern for us. Dave says, “Practice Safe Surfing.”

5. Phones tracking your location? – WP7 – iPhone
People are completely up in arms at the thought of being tracked and having our data collected. News flash folks, it has always happened and it will continue to happen. Many times we authorize Apple or Microsoft to track our locations, our movements, and our browsing history. It’s a consensus with the crew that this tracking story was given too much attention and is truly a non-story.

6. Sony Playstation Network hacked
The Sony PSN was severely hacked this week and Sony is trying to make it right. Plenty of information from credit cart numbers, home addresses, full names, and more where stolen. Many users of PSN were unaware of the breach until Sony released a statement this week. Rumors of users suing Sony and thoughts that Sony covered up the issue are swirling. Mikee provides some great insight into the issue.


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