The Internet Drives Us Absolutely Crazy

Glad you decided to tune in to the latest installment of Waves of Tech. On this week’s show, we offer up some suggestions to the failing customer service support coming from a particular Internet provider. We dive into the latest app that may be too intrusive or the coolest thing in a long time – CurrentID.

Poor Customer Support from an ISP
Steve takes us on a journey chalked full of frustration, lost time, and mistakes during a recent Internet issue. In his efforts to upgrade the studio, a host of mistakes were made – starting with the technician and leading all the way back to the customer support behind the phone. With so many consumers complaining about poor customer service, the crew offers up some ideas for improving the process and making us a bit happier along the way.

CurrentID app for Android – Is it TOO intrusive or just way cool?
Be sure and check out the CurrentID app at The latest in smartphone calling is here with real time Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, text statistics, and caller history information. Install this app, only available on Android currently, and you will notice a very different approach to answering the phone. Get your friend’s latest social media updates when they call you. Two of us think it’s a bit too intrusive while the other is a fan of the concept.


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