The Last Episode

In the final episode of the Waves of Tech, we are recapping the technology industry from 2009 to 2021. We recorded the first episode on May 20, 2009 and are formally ending the podcast on August 31, 2021. Thanks to each and every one of our family members, friends, guests, and listeners for supporting us over the last 12 years and 3 months. It has been an absolute honor to share these memories with everyone. And for one final time, thanks for tuning in and don’t forget to keep on techin’

2009 – Windows 7 is released, Google Chrome is released, and Steve Jobs back at Apple after cancer battle

2010 – The iPad released, Verizon launches LTE network, Google Street View debuted

2011 – Steve Jobs died, IBM’s Watson beats human champs on Jeopardy!, Social media used as a protesting tool

2012 – Yahoo hires Marissa Mayer, Patent war between Samsung & Apple, Rise of crowdfunding

2013 – Microsoft buys Nokia, NSA spying saga, Electronics allowed for use on planes

2014 – Comcast buys TWC, Heartbleed flaw threatened to cripple the Internet, Net Neutrality goes mainstream

2015 – Apple Watch released, Windows 10 launches, Ashley Madison hack

2016 – Removal of the headphone jacks, VR is everywhere but little application, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions

2017 – Russian election interference, Bitcoin hits mainstream, Streaming wars & acquisitions galore

2018 – 5G readies for primetime, E-scooter mayhem, Alex Jones kicked off platforms

2019 – Internet of Things explosion, Drone delivery testing, Questions around facial recognition

2020 – COVID-19 pandemic, Return to space with NASA and SpaceX, Rise of misinformation2021 – Worldwide electric vehicle push, Mobile workforce is born, Global chip shortage

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